Monday, November 30, 2009

Hooting and Hollering Freak Out

Can you hear that?
Can you hear the Mister and I whooping it up like a bunch of rowdy frat boys?
Wanna know why?

My Mister works in sales. He works his a** off to support our family. We don't live in the lap of luxury, but we certainly meet our needs. We (the children and I) are so very blessed to have him as the head of our home.

In these past few quarters, the Mister's hard work has come to fruition. For quite a time, he was ranked #1 out of the 327 sales reps in his division. As for now, he is coming in at a shiny #3.

So a while back, his company announced a new sales incentive contest, entitled:

Run Thru The Warehouse!

The top 7 reps in Cliff's division get to go.

And come next weekend, guess what the Mister and I are gonna be doing!?!

Running through a warehouse
with a flatbed,
grabbing as much loot as we can in the alloted time!!!!

And that's not all! The Mister and I are flown to Cleveland for this for three days and two nights. We get to stay in a fancy-schmancy hotel with a big fancy bathtub and an endless supply of hot water. I will get to sleep in. I won't have to prepare a single meal or wash a single dish for the entire time.

The Mister and I have never been anywhere, just the two of us, away from the family, for more than 1 night. We have never flown somewhere together. Truth be told, I'm a nervous wreck about the prospect of having to fly away (I hate flying), but I know that we'll be fine and the kids will be in good hands.

My dear, wonderful Mother Jimmy and her BFF, the awesome Grandma Sandy are going to bunk down at our home to watch the crew, with my brother providing late afternoon and dinnertime assistance.

We are beyond thankful for this amazing blessing. As you can imagine, with a family of seven and one wage-earner, many things (like a new laptop or computer to replace my still-defunct one), are just flat outside of our budget. And when we do have extra room in the budget, it usually ends up alloted to things like the childrens' violin/piano/dance. I'm not complaining at all, because those are choices that we joyfully make. But to be given an opportunity to get a new computer or two for our homeschool, or to replace my fritzing-out microwave, or to maybe even score a treadmill to help me lower my bloodpressure (ha ha!), well, it is the most spectacular blessing to us.

Now do you hear that noise? Those grunting/shlumping/panting/groaning sounds? That's the Mister, outside in the garage, working out and training for the Run Through the Warehouse.

He's determined
to become a

Tomorrow, I'm going to load up all the children on a sled, attach it to our dolly, and have the Mister run sprints up and down the street.

He just doesn't know it yet.


Lisa said...

That is awesome, come back w/ lots of loot and a refreshed brain!!!!!!

bbbunch said...

It's a dream come true! A real, live Christmas miracle :) How much time do you get to run???


Tracy said...

WOW!!! I would say that is one HUGE blessing in deed! And quite a fun one might I add!