Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Kick Off

What better way to kick off the holidays than a parade?

Last weekend, Hatfield and Atticus were in our local Christmas parade with their dance troups. So Cliff and I packed up all the little ones, grabbed Jimmy and met our friends downtown to watch the fun.

Unlike previous years when the weather was so cold we didn't attend, this year we found ourselves completely overdressed

and underprepared for the bright sunlight that blinded us for the majority of the parade.

Miles and Keenan were quite happy to sit with the crew and collect all the candy passed out by people in the parade. We were sitting right at the start of the parade, which was brilliant because no one had run out of candy by that time.

Here is one of my super cute BFF's, Melanie. Don't you love her vintage coat? I have major vintage coat envy. Apparently all the vintage ladies were teeny tiny like Melanie with cute teeny tiny shoulders, because it sure did not fit my linebacker shoulders, lol.

It looks fabulous, Melly!

The parade put us all in a MAJOR holiday spirit, and we were so very happy to celebrate Thanksgiving at Jimmy and Boppa's this year.

We have SO many reasons to be Thankful this year.
Reasons like:
A Jimmy to Cuddle With/div>

Brothers who are Best Buddies

The Most AWESOME Big Sister

Baby Locs(More on that later)

I cannot begin to describe just how FULL and JOYFUL my heart felt when my ENTIRE family sat around that Thanksgiving feast.

We may have our trying times,

but I will ALWAYS give the greatest thanks for the miracle of my family coming together once and for all.


Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Well Happy kick off to the holidays. I know what you mean by having a heart that is fulfilled..even though trying at times...but it is all worth it!!

Lisa said...

OOH! I love those baby locs, can't wait to hear more! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

small town girl said...

I love a great parade. Thanks for sharing all those pictures, that was great!

Glady said...

nice pics and it seems like everyone had a grand ol'time. love the baby locs, I just started my almost 4 years old 2 months ago :)

Melanie said...

You are too funny! Thanks to Sarah's shoulders (ha!) and Jimmy's bargin shopping; I have myself a lovely vintage coat! Thanks!

Love the pics and the locs (saw them at Church yesterday - adorable!) Everyone looks so super happy! So happy for you!

-Miss Melly