Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feeling Thankful

Last night I was stricken with a horrible headache and incredibly nauesous stomach, which have yet to subside. It hurts to even move my head or neck, and I feel queasy each time I have to move. Is this a stomach bug or a migraine? I can't tell.

Cliff is working at a Packer Game Concession booth this safternoon, so we can receive a reduced rate on our family fee at the Suzuki Music Academy. I'm alone with the kids, and I have to drive Hattie in Packer traffic to her drop-off location, 3 blocks from Lambeau Field (ha!)

I was sort of having a little pity party for myself, but then I recalled noticing some gals on Facebook writing something that they are thankful for, each day until Thanksgiving. What a great idea! Sounds like a great remedy to counteract my poor attitude.

So for today, I am thankful for the wonderful people and opportunities that have made their way into Hatfield's life. Daily, I pray for my children, often that prayer includes bringing loving, kind, inspiring people into their lives.

Yesterday, Hatfield competed in her first Baroque Piano Festival at a local college. Her teacher, Mrs. Sandy, is a gentle, loving woman who has high expectations and an encouraging spirit about her. She is gifted at helping each child put their fears aside and their best foot forward.

At the end of the day, Hatfield and I went to the Festival's Honor Recital. The children who played were amazing, as were the pieces they played. Mrs. Sandy gave Hatfield a huge hug and lots of positive feedback and encouragement for next year. Hatfield took all the music in, and she is feeling very inspired to grow in her piano skills.

Today is Hatfield's Big Packer Day. She is so terribly excited. We have been so blessed to have her dance instructors. Friendly and fun, yet very strict and disciplined.

I watched the rehearsal on Wednesday night at the Don Hutson Center. Wow! Amazing how they pull all those kids together into one amazingly unified routine.

At one point, many of the kids began getting restless and dragging a bit. Barb, the studio owner, gave the kids a boot camp-ish pep talk.

She told them that she knows how hard this is. How tiring it is. How heavy those flags feel by the second time around the field. But that they have to persevere. They have to keep moving. They have to fulfill their duties and not let the team down, no exceptions.. That they would have to look inside of themselves to do their very best, because she knew that everyone could do it.

As a parent, I was so relieved to hear this. So often I think many leaders, teachers, coaches, bosses, etc. go too easy on our kids. We focus so much on the "feel good" that we lose focus on duty and the sense of pride that comes from doing one's asolute best. Once we were going to sign Hatfield up for a soccer league, only to find out that they didn't keep score, that everyone was given a chance to score each game, and that everyone got a trophy at the end of the year. They didn't want any hurt feelings.

What good is that? How are those kids going to handle college or the real world? How are they going to handle it when they realize all those parents, coaches and teachers lied?

Okay, so where was I? A post about being thankful?


Today, I am so thankful for the wonderful adults and mentors who have come in Hatfield's life. Who recognize her as her own beautiful person and who encourage and inspire her to do her best, dream big and go after those dreams despite the fear of failing. Who are firm and kind, who provide a safe place to land when she stumbles, and who provide a reassuring hug when they encourage her to press on. We are so very blessed, and I am so very thankful.

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Jenn said...

Hope Hattie has an awesome time at the game!

I agree that kids should always put forth their best regardless of what they are doing but I do differ in the sense that I don't think keeping score is an imperative part of team sports. I think doing things for fun and simply for the love of the game is more important than who scored however many goals.