Sunday, November 01, 2009


The Mister found his zen as a Used Car Salesman.

Mommy's Little Puppy

Miles is a Cool Blue Jellyfish

Keenan is a Lean, Mean Green Dinosaur

Atticus, well, if you squint, you might be able to spot him through all that excellent camo

and Hatfield was our didn't-fall-once-the-entire-route Rockin' Roller Derby Girl!

We joined our good friends The P. Family for some trick-or-treating in their neck of the woods. 8 kids, 2.3 million pieces of candy and 12 sets (including the parents)majorly tired feet/legs could possibly spell a recipe for disaster, but the kids all behaved perfectly and everyone had a great time. Thanks for hosting us, Josh and Mel and family! We love you guys!

Not only was this the boys' first year of Trick or Treating, it was also their first time carving pumpkins. I was a bit worried going into it, as Keenan does NOT like anything sticky or stringy clinging to his hands.

Obviously, I worried over nothing. The kids LOVED it. Keenan had great fun pretending he was a monster.

The pumpkin guts brought out the Mad Scientists in Atticus, Hatfield and Miles.

Little Po kept track of whose tops were whose (and she'd let you know if you were wrong!)

The finished results:

Hatfield's one-of-a-kind Kitty Creation

Atticus and the Mister's Bat-Pumpkin!

Miles' Monster Mouth Man

Keenan's Creepy Crawly Concoction

Paloma's Perfect Pumpkin aka If Tim Burton were a pumpkin. . . .


Anonymous said...

I really liked the fact that you chose to have homemade (or recycled, in the case of Keenan's outfit) costumes. This allowed for some creativity, especially given that each kid chose what they would be and we made do from there.

Great memories for a great first halloween as a larger-than-normal family. Thank you to my super wife!

-Mr. Car Salesman

Lisa said...

I agree with your Mister, the costumes were great, and way to make do, no generic super hero's at your house!!

Melanie said...

We all had a super great time too! The kids will be talking about it for a loooong time to come! And I am still amazed at how awesome all the kids did, both tricker treatin' and trading candy back home. What a bunch of wonderful kids!


Sawatzky family said...

Great looking pumpkins even better looking costumes! :)
Sounds like it was a great night of candy and friends. Makes me really wish we were there join in the fun!
Shelly and gang

Katy said...

Very creative costumes and pumpkins, and super cute kiddos!! What fun!