Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two Short Years Ago

(This post is gonna make Daddy cry)

2 years ago, 2 things defined Princess Po:

1. A binky in her mouth.

2. Her ever-present yellow Binkie Basket,

complete with a billion Back Up Binkies.

(That's Jimmy holding the Yellow Binkie Basket
while we were on vacation in Florida, October 2007)

Our Princess Po today:

No binkies.

No little yellow binkie basket.
They're all hidden away in my dresser,

awaiting bronzing.

Where did the time go?


Anonymous said...

I didn't cry....much. sniff,sniff.

I miss that little yellow basket. I remember how much it annoyed me at the time to keep finding binkies as they fell out of the basket or were misplaced but I would trade almost anything for having her as a little munchkin again.


Sawatzky family said...

To sweet!
My goodness she has just grown and grown!!!!!!
Miss you guys :)
Shelly and gang