Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Last night our family (both our own and extended)
gathered together at our favorite restuarant
for a belated celebration of Miles' 5th birthday.

And according to tradition, we snapped some pics of Miles
in the famous Birthday Sombrero.

He really didn't know what to make of the all the singing hubbub.

He was much happier opening presents in his sombrero.

Or being super silly with Hattie and Jimmy.

And truthfully, he was happiest shucking that darn hat and
hitting the gambling machines.

I have to keep a close eye on that boy, I tell ya.

Keenan really loves his Boppa.

Everyone wanted to sit on Auntie Stephie's little lap
(Miles, at age 5, weighs more than half of what his teenie aunt weighs.
Not the same can be said for his mother, ha ha!)

This is my super adorable niece Aristana,

who is absolute dolly and smart as a whip.

My Three Sons.

Auntie Stephie, Uncle Kevin with their crew of kids.

All of my children love



their Auntie Stephie and Uncle Kevin

Jimmy made Trick or Treat Goody Bags for all the grands,

because she and Boppa hightail it to Florida tomorrow for a long month.

Give a kid a Pez dispenser and 3 packs o' Pez,

and suddenly no one is interested in the four Fried Ice Creams on the table.

The adults are thus forced into digesting

Sometimes, as the responsible adults, there are sacrifices we just have to make.

Like eating an obscene amount of fried ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Check out my hot wife! RRRRRR!

Last night was wonderful- the kids had a blast, we got together with family, and the adults had to eat that fried ice cream (as a dad, it was my duty!!).

Did I mention that my wife looked hot?


Maggie Mae said...

Sarah, it was such a pleasure to finally meet Keenan and Miles! Like I mentioned before, we fell in love with them a long time ago, but it was great closure to a process that we all went through with you (although no where near as dramatic as your process) for so long. I am proud to be auntie to these gorgeous boys...not to mention the other fantastic three :) I look forward to seeing you all again real soon!