Friday, October 02, 2009

Knock Out

Atticus spent most of the week walking around with a wiggly, waggly tooth hanging off of his lower gum. Not one to yank it out, it seemed that every five minutes he would proudly report that the toothjust became wigglier, and to prove it to me he would moon his bleeding gross tooth right up to my squeamish eyes.

The boys have taken to wrestling outside every afternoon. Running back and forth across the yard, they tackle each other, tickle, give noogies and all the sorts of things that brothers do. They are obnoxious and noisy and probably make grumpy Mr. Walrus-Face across the street even grumpier, but I find it glorious.

They are exactly how brothers should be.

So yesterday, during the mid-afternoon Smack Down, the boys burst through the door in a tangled mess of blood and grass stains, accompanied by a cacophony of English and Kreyol.

Apparently, Keenan sat on Atticus' head, and Atticus' tooth popped right out, followed by a small geyser of blood.

Now, how do you explain to a scared little Haitian boy that it was a good thing a tooth popped out and that it is okay his brother became a bleeding mess after he sat on his head? Mama's kreyol isn't that good, for certain.
But lots of high five's, whoops and smiles led him to believe just such.
If you have a moment and are so inclined, say a little prayer for our Atticus and Paloma. Paloma is still fighting this nasty flu, and her chest x-rays show a possibility of pneumonia developing if we are not able to get this under control. Her fever is slowly subsiding, but her cough is becoming worse.
Atticus awoke this morning to be a new $1 bill from the Tooth Fairy, and evidence of coming down with the same H1N1 bug. A fever, aches, sore throat and cough has our little man down and out on the couch, under a mountain of blankets. I'm not feeling well at all myself, but our Mister Hero is now back from his business trip and is taking care of business here at home, so I can rest and hopefully circumvent the worst this flu offers.


Me said...

Oh I hope you're all well soon. Will definitely keep y'all in my prayers!


small town girl said...

hope she is well soon. I'm hating this H1N1 thing.