Thursday, October 08, 2009


pronunciation: \'fyut-tel
function: noun

1: serving no useful purpose: completely ineffective

2: occupied with trifles: frivolous

3: a mother of five children's attempts to keep H1N1 from spreading from child to child in her home; and/or a mother of five's inability to keep H1N1 from re-infecting previously stricken family members


Anonymous said...

Whew! I thought you would have definition #4:

a wife's realization regarding her husband's ability to eat healthy, exercise properly, and avoid buying new suits due to...expansion.

Hang in there, Supermom. Sickness may be winning a day's battle, but you will win the winter-long war!!

-Mr. Futile

Luke said...

May you all get well soon (and so the cycle stop).


Jenn said...

How are you getting it twice??

Sawatzky family said...

Oh my dear Sarah! We are praying... you speak to that sickness Sarah tell it to get out of your family and home!
Luv ya!!
Shelly and family...
Laura's eldest Caiden has it as well :(