Monday, October 26, 2009

Five Feet

(this post is making Mama cry)

My beautiful 11-year old Hattie LouLouBelle
had her yearly physical last Friday.
my precious firstborn
who was a perfect 20.5" at birth
is now
5 Feet 1/2 Inch.

I asked the doctor if we could give her a pill
to make her 4 years old again.

Alas, none exists.

If I had the choice,
I would relive every moment of my beautiful girl's life.

My beautiful 5 foot girl.

(Hattie and her little peeps. They all adore her.)

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Anonymous said...

Hatfield has been and will always be (in my very biased opinion) perfect. I think that, as parents, we were spoiled by having such an angelic soul as our first child.