Saturday, October 10, 2009

3 Months Home

3 months ago today, we brought our Miles home.

3 months of a father's devotion, a mother's love, siblings' affection, healthy food, medical care and learning, and the difference is amazing.

Gone is the quiet, unsteady little boy who couldn't run 5 feet without falling 5 times. Replaced by a much taller, much heavier little boy who, while he unable outrun his much smaller brother, can run, jump and skip with the best of 'em.

Miles was a child who wanted a family. He came home and drank up all the love, affection, and teaching we could offer. He seemed pleased to be a valued and important part of something, and he didn't try to fight that at all.

Yet the 3 months have not been without stress and worry. Communication is difficult, still. Establishing family boundaries, expectations and rules without easy communication is tough. Many days we take steps backwards instead of steps forward, but when we look at a block of time, instead of a day of time, we see just how far this amazing little guy has come.

Miles has a belly laugh that could rival Santa's. He loves to play and imagine and create games. For him, having the opportunity to try and do something "by myself" isn't about a control issue tactic. It's about growing and showing us and himself, with a sense of love and pride, what a big boy he can be.

What an amazing, long and short, frustrating yet joyous, 3 months it has been. We love you, Miles!


Sarah & Crew said...
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Corey said...

It always amazes me the stunning differences in the kids within those first few months.. the physical, mental, emotional growth.. the light in their eyes..

Amazing what love & nutrition will do for a kid, eh?


Anonymous said...

That boy went from solid brick to big solid brick of muscle and smiles. Corey is right, when you take a child, add love and some nutrition, it is a recipe for some incredible changes physically and emotionally.

Now, if I can just get that little engineer to stop taking things apart..... :)


Lisa said...

That's amazing Sarah, a pretty simple recipe for success, just too bad it took so long to begin the "baking!"

So happy for you all!

Melanie said...

My, oh my, how time flies!!! Lookin' good. You have one beautiful family...those little guys in their matching shirts were so cute on Sunday and Atticus is such a great big brother! And I can't believe how grown up that kiddo looks now, with the little guys around. And, have to mention Po and Hattie in their hats...adorable!