Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Two Months HOME

I found myself staring in disbelief at the Motherboard this morning (a huge whiteboard calendar which hangs on my kitchen wall.) Today is September 9th, which means that Miles has been here with our family for TWO months now.

I spent much of our adoption mentally ticking away time. Every 3 or 4 month delay would leave me fuming, "We just lost a quarter/third of a year here." So my first thought upon my calendar revelation was: "Our boy's been with us a sixth of a year."

Silly, I know, but what a difference to think that he was been with us some portion of a year. The first weeks are tough. It took about 6 weeks or so until I, more often than not, felt confident in the direction we are taking with Miles.

But what a difference a sixth of a year makes compared to those first few weeks. While we still have issues that we are still working on with Miles, and there are many, many times when I'd like to bang my head against a wall having to explain an expected behavior for the billionth time, it's nothing short of amazing to see our little boy's growth and development.

Miles is a child who, deep in his soul, wanted a Mommy and Daddy. Quiet, reserved, withdrawn at the orphanage, he is coming out of his shell here and thriving. He loves hugs and kisses. He loves having his bed, his books, his place. He'll proudly share anything he has, because it's his and he's proud. He sets an example for the other children with sharing.

When Miles first arrived home and we'd look at a book or watch tv, he would point to children (or child-like animal characters) and tell me who they were. They were always his friends from the orphanage. He still does this all the time, except now everyone is Manmi, or Hatfield, or Keenan, or Atticus, or Paloma. And the most hilarious name bestowment of all: Daddy. That one always has him laughing so hard I worry that he'll wet himself.

God certainly played a hand in bringing this little boy home first. Miles first reaction is to back down any time around Keenan; but having those weeks with us alone, when he could grow and gain confidence and a voice, just allowed him to blossom into his own person. At times he will challenge Keenan on something which he must never have before, and you can see the pride in Miles and the confusion/uncertainty in Keenan (who's not used to Miles challenging him on anything, is my guess.)

Miles is our "gentle giant." So big and strong he could easily challenge any child in our home except Hatfield, he never does. He has a HUGE belly laugh which brings great JOY to anyone who hears it. We've even had strangers comment on his wondrous laugh in the store: "I just love to hear it!" one little old grannie gushed.

Our little guy is loving school and each day his English amazes me. Last Thursday after school, as soon as he saw me, he came running up to me with the biggest smile ever. "Mum Mum Mum! Guess what, guess what! At school today I played the . . . "and then he started moving his arms with great fervor to show me he did. "The drums?" I guessed.

"Yes!" he said with great pride. "The Jrooms!"

It was one of those parenting moments when your heart wants to burst with joy and pride.

It was one of those parenting moments where you don't have an ounce of doubt in you that this match was meant to be.

Happy 2 months home, Miles.
You have blessed us immeasurably.
We look forward to a lifetime of hearing your wonderful laugh.


Salzwedel Family said...

It is so wonderful to be celebrating weeks home instead of counting the weeks apart! Hooray!

Sawatzky family said...

Wonderfully written Sarah! :)
A true blessing to hav them home safe and sound where they belong!

bbbunch said...

I too love this boy's laugh :) What a precious precious child!


Lisa said...

Thank you SO much for sharing that Sarah. It's simply amazing how things work out!

Amy said...

Awww, that's so sweet.