Friday, September 04, 2009


The first week of 4-K ("gadri" in Kreyol) is complete, and I am happy to report that it has been a smashing success.

Miles and Paloma were more than ready to start their first day.

Paloma is proud.

Miles is excited.

Keenan is so happy that Mommy made him his own backpack, even if he's not going to gadri just yet.

Never did I think that I would have three 4-year olds in my home,

but since we found out an error in Keenan's DOB, that is exactly what we have.

God's gift are mysterious and wonderful.

You can see the weight of the world in Mile's face. He became nervous once the children lined up.

No trace of nervousness is left by the time school is done.

I returned to find smiling, adorable little Cliffords.

To celebrate this momentous occassion, I made a from-scratch chocolate cake.

Because let's face it: there's nothing says I Love You like a from-scratch chocolate cake. Right, Mister?
Edited to Note: Yes, Miles is indeed wearing a dress. Hatfield felt inspired to bring up our Dress Up Bin full of 70's and 90's bridesmaids' gowns and 80's prom dresses. With a few smaller size Christmas treasures thrown in. Miles is wearing my cousin Kate's Christmas dress circa 1988. The Mister is very proud.


Amanda said...

That last picture is the BEST of them all....they are all together at the same table. That must be FABULOUS!

Sawatzky family said...

To stinkin' cute!
You better believe chocolate cake says it all lol!
Glad to hear it went so well :)

Melanie said...

So I know you are busy and all with 5 kids...but did Miles steal Paloma's dress or what?!? he, he.

I'm so happy that they are enjoy themselves.

I can't believe how big everyone looks...what a lovely young lady Hattie is!

I also have to say, when I picked Ev up from her new afterschool Paula's the other day...I walked in and Paula said "Ev was just telling me the most fascinating story"...which I said "Oh, what was that?"...She says "All about the Cruz family!" I had to are stuff of local legend now, Baby!

Janet said...

Love the last picture of your whole crew together!

This Mama said...

That is great!! Congrats.

So A & H are @ home with you then?

I decided to keep my Rose & Clover home with me too - just for this year. Then next year hopefully our three are back and I will have them home for one year.

Is it 1/2 days then?

Home made chocolate cake mmmm!

laura said...

very cute!! what is Miles wearing in that last picture?

small town girl said...

I love the photos of all of them together, and the bookbags are supercute! (How did you find the time to do that????)

Lisa said...

All five are adorable and together, nothing could be better! Best of luck to you during this first year!

Nancy FenwickKiel said...

I look at their beautiful little faces and I think to myself that I must be the most blessed woman on this earth to call them my 'grandchildren' compliments of their terrific parents Sarah and Cliff. They bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart when I think of the love and happiness they bring to the table of life. Enjoy beautiful daughter Sarah, life goes all to fast. Keep them all at home for as long as possible yet share their them with the world for they will have so much to give. Love always, Jimmy