Friday, September 18, 2009

How Did We Get to Friday Already?

I don't know how we are at Friday already, but here we are. The days fly by and I find myself a bit mystified that our third week of school is nearly finished.

The week brought me one of those blessings-come-out-of-difficult-times situations. I had to take the boys to get immunizations on Wednesday. Five each, plus the flu nasal squirt. Miles came through with flying colors, making huge grimaces with each administration but nary a peep escaped his lips.

Keenan, well, I guess the most gentle way to explain what happened is to say that our boy is a fighter. Evidenced by two overturned chairs, a ripped-to-hell paper examine bench sheeting, the need for two nurses and moi to reign our little guy in and hold him down.

If the doctor visit wasn't traumatic enough for our little man, he ended up having a bad reaction to one of those shots. High fever, legs swollen and very painful to the touch.

Yesterday he laid on the couch the whole day. Barely ate, barely drank (even refused a brownie.) He felt miserable.

And he decided that he needed a Mama.

I hugged on him and cuddled him and rocked him. I gave him a sippy cup in bottle fashion, rubbed his head with cool rags. I babied him and whispered how much I loved him to him in his ear.

I fought back tears all day, thinking of all the times in his short little life he had been sick and needed a Mama to love on him.

But no Mama was there.

That's one of those thoughts which I'm not quite sure how to catergorize in my mind.

So, in the end, yesterday became one of those great, unexpected opportunities to help strengthen our bonds. Every cloud has a silver lining.

And I am so grateful.

Happy Weekending!

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Corey said...

I hate it when my babies are sick. But what a great bonding opportunity. Glad you got it!

PS I just realized your hubby is in the drug trade.. mine too!