Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Autumn Frame of Mind

This morning, I ran through shrouded foggy mists and fresh autumn puddles.

It was glorious (seriously).

It was also the first time I went running in about 7 weeks. I felt cloppy and my footsteps were unsure.

That was not so glorious.

But I don't care so much about that. It just felt good to wake up to a house of sleeping children, to lace up my shoes in the dark and to escape the house unnoticed.

I'm slowly trying to move into some semblance of a normal. Running, an activity I've tried to participate in regularly for the past year and a half, needs to fit in there somewhere. So I'm going to try and work it in.

Being outside before most of the world awakes is a treat. I notice so much that I never would otherwise. This morning, I noticed how some trees were already a brilliant neon red-orange in spots. I spied firewood freshly stacked against side garages. And I noticed more fall mums, blooming in reds, oranges, yellows and purples, than I could possibly count.

Then it occured to me that this is the first season where I'm not entering it thinking, "This fall the boys will come home."

This fall, the boys are home. Our first fall together.

So far, the boys are loving it. The children spend most of their outdoor play time meticulously raking up every leaf in our yard, and Miss Ruth's yard, and Maddy's yard (our next door neighbors.) Not a single leaf isn't accounted for.

Hatfield develops the "game plan" for raking and the children set to it like obedient little soldiers (enjoy it while you can, my dear oldest daughter.) They rake all the leaves into two piles, each carefully placed directly in front of our two front yard swings, which hang off the huge tree in our side yard.

Then they swing high, and bravely jump into the "huge" (or "hooj" as our boys call it in their adorable little accents) pile of leaves. A pile so big that it actually covers all the way up to their little ankles.

I can't wait for the leaves to really start falling, and the kids discover that those piles get so hooj they can bury themselves completely. They are going to love it every bit as much as the Mister and I are going to love watching them.

Today after homeschool, piano, dance and dinner, my job is to pack us up for a family getaway. Come Thursday we hit the road to spend a wonderful autumn weekend in Door County. Fudge, salt water taffy and apple picking await us all. And an antique store which is an authorized Fiesta Ware dealer awaits me. Once a year I get to drool over all the beautiful pieces, and this time I plan to indulge a bit and fulfill one of my lemongrass daydreams.

Pictures to follow, I promise. Until then, enjoy these first days of Autumn!


Lisa said...

Your trip to Door County sounds amazing and even more so with a complete family!


small town girl said...

Please let me know when you hit some semblance of normal and how exactly you got there! Thanks in advance!