Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5 weeks

We're in our 5th week of public school 4-K for our WonderTrips.

5 weeks.

That's all it took for our Paloma to catch the outbreak of H1N1 going through her school.

Our poor Po is so sick. We spoke to our pediatrician at length, who agreed that Paloma has H1N1 or the seasonal flu. It doesn't really matter, because it's too late to treat and the flu is the flu, no matter the strain. We're guessing H1N1, since a bunch of other kids in her class have it. Either way, we chose not to test because 1) it doesn't matter and 2) I prefer not to have the holier-than-thou "My child is healthy so how dare you bring H1N1 into our school" parent lynch mob after us. Because it totally exists, and they scare me.

So let's do the math. 5 kids. Sick in successive order with a flu that takes a good 7 days to kick. Hmmmmmm. . . .

We should be able to leave our house and rejoin society maybe . . .November?


Sawatzky family said...

Oh poor Paloma! We will be praying total and swift healing for her! :) As well as protection for the rest of you!
Stay healthy! ;b

Jenn said...

Oh no! Poor girl! Hope everyone else manages to avoid it.

Janet said...

I hope she gets better fast. That is one of the reason's I pulled ours out and now homeschooling.

Lisa said...

Oh geez, I guess with five kids the odds were strong that one would come down with it, maybe somehow the others will escape!

Hope you were able to enjoy your weekend getaway before she got too sick!


geralyn said...

Oh geez, I am so sorry to hear the 'pig' has come knocking on the door of your house. I sure hope she kicks it quickly and that some miracle occurs and no one else comes down with it, especially you. Everyone knows what happens when mom gets sick..........everything falls apart. Stay well!

ksb said...

Sarah - we too are victims of H1N1 since last Monday (confirmed with a test by accident at the ER - long story) Ayden first - then 3 days later Ava -now Alec. Fever and cough are our main symptoms. Some of us are not getting it - so there is HOPE!! Kim & crew

Anonymous said...

I commend my wife for being so humble.

She neglected to mention that she is handling everything solo (I've been and will be away for most of this week), hasn't slept a wink from watching over Paloma at night, and is currently ill (perhaps fatigue, perhaps flu, but clearly is weakened by something).

She is remarkable because, when I cam home sick myself (fatigue from long days stringed together and poor time management at night) she chased me to bed and refused to let me help much with the kids.

Did I mention she has a big "S" in yellow and red on her chest?

-Mr. Amazed