Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Yesterday everything was "off."

The Mister killed our computer. While watching illegally obtained MMA fights. Which crashed/froze the computer 3 times while he was watching them, but each time he kept on restarting the thing to see if he could watch more.

Sometimes I wonder about that boy.

Love you, babe.

So I couldn't upload all the super cute pictures I got of the kids over the weekend. And all day yesterday I couldn't check my email so I could attempt to figure out why our Visa is not ready yet for Keenan. I couldn't watch airfare continue to rise at alarming rates which gives me heartburn and a knotty, sick stomach.

Hmmmm. Maybe, after all, it was divine intervention that my husband killed our computer.

But I checked my email this morning, and discovered a lot of emails asking me about travel plans. I wish I had some to share with all of you! We are still waiting on the Visa to be printed. Apparently, the Golden Ticket time/date is only an estimate. Or maybe it's set up to be a "practice run" for the orphanage directors, so that they'll be pros at picking up Visa's by the time it is ready.

Instead of making travel plans, I spent all day yesterday waiting for a very stubborn, very constipated little boy who refuses to do a No. 2 at home, courtesy of a child laxative and a pound of raisins.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. And all for nothing.

Thus far.

Yes indeed,
spending a day waiting for a blowout
will certainly throw you off for a day.

But today is a new day, and things will be better.
We'll have a Visa update.
Maybe we'll drop an exorbitant amount of cash on airfare
(not complaining here.
I'd love to do this. I'm praying to do this.
I want my baby boy Home!!)
And maybe we'll have an extra special delivery,
courtesy of Mr. Miles.

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Anonymous said...

I plead the fifth, love my understanding and forgiving wife, and look forward to baking ex lax cookies tonight!

Think about a blowout tomorrow at Kelly Lake! Woooohoooo!

-Mr. Wrong