Thursday, July 09, 2009

Safe and Sound

I'm happy to report that the Mister and his suitcase full of donations made it safely to Port au Prince. We had some doubts about the luggage, as this was the same suitcase full of donation that never made it past St. Louis on his 2008 trip to Port au Prince.

The Mister is now relaxing at the Visa Lodge with our son. At 2 pm, they will be driven back to the airport, and God willing, by 8 pm tonight I'll hear on the telephone that little voice I've been dreaming of for so very long.

The children and I are having a wonderful time in Chicago with dear Anne Marie. Anne Marie is spoiling the children with yummy take out, and they, in turn, are teaching her some smoking dance moves. And Atticus limited himself to asking Anne Marie"Can I tell/ask you something?" only 30 times an hour instead of his usual 60.

Yesterday we shopped, and an incredibly kind owner of a local toy shop, upon hearing our story on why we are in Chicago, gifted Miles with a very precious, super cuddly and soft stuffed giraffe, which turns into a pillow and a blankie. I don't care what their reputation may be, we always meet the Nicest people in Chicago.

This morning we spent 4 hours at the fabulous Kohl Children's Museum (WOW! is all I have to say), and now we are headed down the block to a deli for lunch. Less than 24 hours until I'm holding that little guy. I'm trying to limit myself to just counting hours, and not minutes.

Trying, but not necessarily succeeding :)


Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you and your family. Congratulations:) I can not even imagine the feelings you must be experiencing right now. Lots of Blessings of happiness and love as you welcome home your little boy forever!

Nicole, Isaah and Aaliyah :)

small town girl said...

wow, everything sounds like it is going great and you are having a fantastic time in Chi-town!

A Blessed Life said...

You know you are keeping me on the edge of my seat! I am just so excited for you!

A Blessed Life said...

You know you are keeping me on the edge of my seat! I am just so excited for you!

bbbunch said...

Oh Sarah! My heart is skipping beats just reading this! Thanks so much for the update :)

Love you!

Safe, happy travels!


This Mama said...

Good news :) I am really looking forward to hearing the next updates! I am back online now and it sure has been nice to catch up on everyone's news.