Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Nothing like a postive affirmation from a 3-year old

I love nothing more than snuggling with my children each evening after their bedtime bath. I bury my nose into their hair and inhale in their Johnson Baby shampooed heads and baby powdered bodies. They smell delicious.

Miss Paloma is at a point in time where she "want(s) to do it myself." Including the post-bath application of baby powder. Inevitably, more baby powder graces the walls and floors of the bathroom than her own little self, but that is part of the charm of being 3, is it not?

Last night Paloma snuck the powder into her bedroom while I was busy attending to Atticus' shower. I walked into a large cloud of baby powder fluff which used to be her bedroom.

"Mmmmm," I said, inhaling. "Your room smells like delicious baby powder."

My comment was met with Paloma's patented cold-as-ice glare. Those of you who have seen it know what I mean.

"Mom, don't say baby powder!" she began, each word escalating in intensity. "I'm not a baby!"

I gave it another try: "Mmmm, your room smells like delicious powder."

The cold-as-ice glare turned to sheer frustration. "Mom, call it Daughter Powder!!" Really, it came out as "dot-er pow-da," but her intent was crystal clear.

"Oh, okay," I backed down.

The sheer frustration turned to a look of combined pity and disgust. "You're not very smart, Mom."

No one can build one up the way a 3-year old can.


Anonymous said...

Funny! She takes after her mother!!


Luke said...

Gave me a giggle [smile]. Kids.


bbbunch said...

Silly Pona!