Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday afternoon we brought Miles up to Camp to introduce him to the Great North Woods. While the weatherman has been giving us a 30% chance of rain for the past month, with nary a drop in sight, it figures that the heavens would open within 3 minutes of our arrival. Talk about a full-fleged North Woods Camping Initiation for our tyke. We were poured on, but that did nothing to discourage our crew from having a wonderful time.

As you can see (if your neck can handle be cranked sideways for a minute--ouch! Someday I'll figure this whole camera/YouTube thing out, but probably not before I spend some significant time in a chiro office), Miles is teaching the kids some fresh Haitian dance moves. Atticus is in heaven.


bbbunch said...

HAHAHA! I LOVE the dance moves boys!!! Can't wait for Cliff & the boys to have the father/son dance next year! Too cute :)

The Bunch

Anonymous said...

They like to move it move it.
They like to move it move it.

I love seeing kids having fun in the rain. Can't wait to see their faces at first snowfall. :)


Me said...

Too cute! Although it wasn't quite long enough for Samuel's liking. He was mad at me when it was over. I think he thought I turned it off. They love seeing all their little friends at home too. So do I.