Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Over the past few days we have been delighted to share so many "firsts" with our boy Miles.

First trip to the park:

First time shooting off a rocket (well, that was a first for all of us, except Uncle Elmo, our in-house Rocket Expert)

First roasted marshmallow (which he at first loved, but he did NOT love the gooey finger aftermath)

First time making bread with Daddy:

First ice cream cone:

and accompanying ice cream cone mustache:
Other less-glamorous firsts I didn't get a shot of: First time to doctor, first time having blood drawn (the child didn't flinch), first time for Daddy to fill those impossibly small, fluid-filled vials with nasty poop, first time the children rolled around on the floor insisting they were going to go blind from the smell wafting from the bathroom during Daddy's aforementioned activity.

Things are going well, so far. Much better than we expected, but then again, we are still honeymooning. Miles LOVES to be the "helper." I totally forgot my camera on our first trip to the market, but he loved helping place things in the cart. And then when we got home, he would race Cliff to the car to get the grocery bags. He beams each and every time he helps. You can see the pride on his face, and we are sure to coo, "We are so proud of you!" and "Great job!" for all of his help.

Overall, he seems to be a lot more comfortable here at home. He skips everywhere. He sings and plays. He says, "Wanda" "Trixie" "Ernie" and "Atticus" clear as a bell. He loves stroller rides.

Yesterday he played a practical joke on Atticus. When Atticus got up to leave the breakfast table to use the bathroom, Miles hid his plate behind the flower vase. When Atticus came back, smiled and said, "Hey! Where's my plate?" Miles started laughing hysterically. Then Atticus would say, "Miles! Gaday--Machine, Machine!" (Miles, look- car, car!) and try to move Miles plate.

I'm growing more confident in my ability not to mess up this whole bonding thing and scar the child for life. Right now we're still in the 'going well' stage, so I am still a bit tense, waiting for the shoe to fall with things like tantrums, testing, etc. So much of it is still new and scary, for both him and us. I'm glad I've spent so much time in the past 2 years reading all of your adoption blogs out there, because it helps me feel assured that 1) what we're going through is normal and 2) we'll get through this adjustment. For now, we're just enjoying all our firsts, one day at a time.


Sawatzky family said...

WOW! I can not tell you what a blessing it is to be able to, in a small way share this journey with you through your posts. Thank you for them!
I have to say that I am not surprised at how well you all are handling this transition with a new member joing the family. This process and each one of you have been and continue to be prayed over by so many that God's Grace is just flowing through your home and family life :) Our family prayer for you since Miles has come home has been for STRAIGHT UP FAVOR!!! God's favor in all areas to soften the rough spots, remove any and all hinderances in the bonding process, and for little Keenan to at last come home as well!
WE love you all so much and my heart is full for you!

Sawatzky family said...
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Amanda said...

Sounds splendid! What a blessing worth waiting for!

I'm so glad you're still blogging and sharing your post-placement life. I enjoy reading for the exact reason you mentioned. I pray it will be helpful in the future :~)

bbbunch said...

Thanks for sharing Sarah...been checking your blog like a stalker! What a beautiful environment for Miles to start his new life :) I love that he is a helper!!! Awesome!

Love you ALL!


A Blessed Life said...

Gotta love that smile! The honeymoon will inevitably come to an end but we're praying for God to just fill your hearts with love for each other and grant you wisdom to raise this little boy you've been blessed with.

Laurie said...

Sounds like Miles is doing really well. Just take the bonding & attachment one day at a time. Enjoy....

Lisa said...

The ice cream mustache picture is just precious! Looks like a fun list of "firsts" is building already! Not too surprised he didn't enjoy the marshmallow gooey hands, sensory issues seem to be pretty prevalent among O kids, it'll be interesting to see if that stays with him, or if he can work it out on his own. Enjoy the honeymoon, and who knows maybe it'll be a long one! Our friends who brought home a 5 yr. old last November from Haiti have not left their honeymoon period yet!! Their boy has had the most amazing, stress free transition ever!

Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear it is going well. He look so very happy. Love the joke on Atticus story...that's right up his alley!

The Dohrenwends... said...

So happy for you im crying!! Just watched the photo video too...praising the Lord for having your little guy home!