Friday, June 12, 2009

Yesterday was a very good day

For THREE reasons:


A new ("used") washing machine has taken up residence in my wash room. I love her. Sincerely.

The ironic thing is that I used to have the exact same top-loader model before I bought my front-loading nightmare. For 11 years my old top-loader and I lived in perfect harmony. Then I bought a front-loader so I could "save money" on water/detergent, only to have that theory shot down because I spent so darn much in service calls. So here I am, four years later, buying the exact same (but newer model) machine I had for the earlier 11 years.

Lesson learned.


CSA time is finally here, and yesterday I retrieved my first box of the season. Radishes became radish dip, the kids had a blast removing the kernels off the popcorn cobs, and tonight we'll feast on a bok choy stir fry. Plus I was smart enough to purchase a Mushroom share and they are fab.u.lous.


Vitolio Jeune is safe on SYTYCD! We are totally rooting on this incredible Haitian dancer. I don't know what type of crack Tyce Diorio was smoking when he came up with that klunker of a Broadway routine, but anytime anyone draws a Tyce Broadway routine it's pretty much a kiss of death. And I'm still not too hot on his dance partner. What was up with her solo dance last night? She looked like a puppet being flung about by a puppeteer on acid. Ugh. So we'll just hope for a better draw for our favorite man next week.

Look at me, all tv-analytical--ha! Seriously, though, I love this show. I generally consider TV to be the ultimate waste of life, but I am so willing to hand over a few hours of my living each week for tv like this.

On a totally different note, today is Friday. I cannot friggin' believe how quickly this week has passed. How did we get to Friday already? I feel ill at the thought of all I want to get done before we leave in a little over a week.

So I'm declaring next week to be Ultimate NestFest '09. Jimmy, "Grandma" Sandie, Becky and the Mister: I love each and every one of you for participating in this harebrained scheme of mine. You are all up for sainthood in your willingness to indulge a mother in her last-minute adoption nesting mania.


bbbunch said...

I'm all about the nesting (remember...I'm pregnant!). I can't wait!!! Love you!


mama bear said...

You and I have so much in common. I love SYTYCD AND I have have had washer/dryers woes. Thankfully we found a used set for cheap yesterday. I hope they last several years. I wish you well with NestFest. It's so much fun! Praying for Monday.

Glady said...

SYTYCD had me up all night on Thursday night voting ( for the first time) for Vitolio :) I was so scared that he was going to make the bottom 3 which he did and I m glad he s safe :) he s solo was amazing, his body moves bonelessly ( is that a word) LOL

Me said...

I love that washer. I have the exact same one. I've had it for years and before that it was my grandpa's. I have never had one minute's trouble out of it.