Monday, June 08, 2009

Two weeks from now

If all goes well, two weeks from now, the Mister, myself and Atticus will be boarding a plane to Florida.

I'm still in a happy daze, tinged with a touch of disbelief, that over the weekend, I bought Miles a plane ticket from Port au Prince to Fort Lauderdale.

A lovely woman, mother and adopting mother from Washington State is going to escort our young lad from Port au Prince into the states for us on June 23rd. The 3 of us will await for him at Fort Lauderdale, full of hope, happiness, nerves and jitters, trying not to make too much of a scene.

We will then spend the night in Florida, and the next morning fly HOME.

I haven't purchased our plane tickets yet, and won't, until we have confirmation next week that Visa's were indeed issued. I threw caution to the wind and purchased Miles' ticket, because there were only 4 seats left on our escort's flight. The price was right (meaning cheap for a Haiti ticket), and I figured that at the worst, if something happened during our Visa process, we'd only have one ticket as collateral damage.

Today I have to pack up Miles' little owl backpack, his going home clothes, some toys and photos, and send them to Washington State.

The horribly sad and difficult thing is,
I have two owl backpacks.
I have two Going Home outfits.
I have two new toothbrushes,
two sets of Matchbox cars,
two sets of photos.

And I can only pack one of each.

In just a little over two weeks from now,
two of our three little boys will be under our roof.
We will continue to hope and pray
and hope and pray
and hope and pray
for our dear little Keenan to join us quickly.


geralyn said...

Celebrate the joy that is about to happen; the coming home of one of your sons. I know it is a bitter-sweet celebration, but try to embrace the joy surrounding it. Keep on praying and throwing out positive vibes that Keenan's file is miraculously fixed and he is on a flight home right after Mile's.

Laurie said...

Wow I am so happy for you for bringing one of your boys home. Hope your other little guys follows soon.


Salzwedel Family said...

Bittersweet and yet completely wonderful. Exciting!

bbbunch said...

And we are hoping and praying right along with you! Let the extreme nesting begin!!!


Tracy said...

Amazing...your getting so close. Hoping Keenan is not far behind!!

Anne Marie said...

If you end up flying out of Chicago, you are welcome to stay at my Chateau.



Mandy said...

Do you happen to know what town the other mom from WA is from? I only ask b/c we also live in WA state & have adopted & are adopting from Haiti (as well as Africa). I would love to know more people in my area that have children from Haiti.

Katy said...

SO exciting....yet SO hard at the same time....PRAYING for good news on Keenan to come very soon....I'll be waiting to see photos of homecoming for little Miles!