Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Hail Mary Pass

As of close of business Friday, we lack the necessary document to be granted a Visa.

We are being told that the document will be "ready" tomorrow (Monday.)

Today I emailed the Consulate, e-begging them to issue a Visa tomorrow upon their receipt of the required document. If they would do so upon the receipt, Miles will be escorted to the United States on Tuesday by a dear angel from Washington State.

This is our adoption's Hail Mary Pass.

I do not want to return home with empty arms.

This adoption has had one nightmarish holdup
after another
after another.

I do not mean to be selfish
or demanding,
I am ready for my miracle.
My little boy Miles is ready for his miracle.

Please, please pray for a pass completion.


bbbunch said...

We will pray like crazy for you guys!!! We love you!

The Bunch

Me said...

Praying for you and yours!

small town girl said...

I'm praying. Oh please let it be so!

Sawatzky family said...

We will praying my friend! :)
shelly and gang

ManyBlessings said...

Thank-you for giving me something to focus my prayers on today. I've had a lot of feeling sorry for myself regarding our adoption and the financial end of things, so I count it as a blessing from God to spend the day in prayer for YOU!

Please God...let this happen TODAY!!


Melanie said...

We are PRAYING!! Love ya! Mel

Jenn said...

Oh Sarah, this is awful for you. I am so hoping this is it and Miles will be home this week.

Crystal said...

I am praying that he is on that plane with T on Tues. She is so excited to be escorting him home.


Darla said...

PRAYING for all of you so Miles of smiles can be united with the family who loves him so and the family can be one step closer to be complete. Love you so much. Granny & Papa

Katy said...

PRAYING with you....and waiting for news. You are NOT has been a heartwrenching journey, and it is time you got your miracle.