Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Calling all readers with good eyes for color and style

I hate the color of my house.

The house used to be a yellow. We painted it. I must have been on crack when I chose the color. Which the Mister likes. Which I liken to the color of baby diarrhea or cardboard. We painted the front of the house, and I hated it instantly, so the rest of the house is still yellow. Classy, I know. My neighbors love me.

But guess what?

I have ready and willing (and nearly free) labor.
I have a gift card for the Home Depot.
I am ready to give this a second try. But I want to do it right.

I am kindly asking, begging really, for reader input on what color to paint my house! Our home is a French mansard style, so I'd like to go for something a little more sophisticated/formal and not trendy or country-ish.

I am completely open to painting the brick.
I am completely open to painting the shutters.
I am completely open to painting the front door.

I have been staring at my home for over 3 years, and I have complete brain freeze on color ideas. I can no longer think outside the box on this one.

So please. PLEASE. Give me your ideas and input. If I chose your suggestion, I will sing your praises and glorify you on my blog. Maybe I'll even name my house after you. I will forever be grateful.

So come on now, all you readers with impeccable eyes for color and superior taste, help a gal out!


Jenn said...

Totally Pant the brick! Paint it an off-white color. Do the shutters a yellowish-gold color and the front door black. In other words, copy the nester!

Sawatzky family said...

OOOOHHHHH..the ideas!
Try this link I hope it works lol
That is the one I really like!
Also a great site for house ideas on color! :)
Let me know what ya think
There were a couple others that I liked in the "warm" color section.

Anonymous said...

First, the house is beautiful. I think it should be left alone.

But, if you are going to do anything, creepy crawly vines on the brick is a good start. Leave the brick alone as far as paint goes- please leave it alone!!

I don't know about changing the paint color. How about leaving it alone? It looks good. Wait until the vines have grown in. Maybe it will inspire the right color.

Again, consider leaving it alone. I hear painting 2-story houses is the #1 cause of husbands getting injured and wives having to take care of them as invalid spouses for the remainder of their (long) lives.


Sawatzky family said...

And i totally agree with painting the brick idea that will be a DRASTIC change! :)
I am so bored and the weather is so bad here I have been looking at home paint colors since I left my last comment! lmao
MAN oh MAN I am craving me some sunshine! lol

Adventures of A n Z said...

creepy rawly vies will DESTROY the brick mortar. Dont do it. I will get back to you on color

Steph, G's Mom said...

ok i'll put in my seventeen cents....LOL

I personally LOVE a red front door. It also symbolizes prosperity in the home. You could get a fab knocker for it. You could think of it as a red heart, a happy loving heart because your boys are home/coming home. When i Look at Camp Osceola, that bright red door contrasting with all that green and greenery just makes me want to COME IN! My roommate painted our front door red, and it's awesome. Others in the neighborhood have complimented it. The rest of her house is kind of neutral. Since you have that shingled roof that comes down that has to be black, how about the house itself is white, leave the brick (I agree, don't paint it! when you get more of a contrast going the brick will look GREAT as is....and i am loving the vines idea that looks awesome with brick. white house and brick, and black...very sophisticated and formal. if you ever go to sell, people want to see the original stuff...you know how people love to know there's hardwood floors under the old carpet? well brick as is would sell better i think)

so....white house, red door (does the storm door ever come off?), and the shutters....? hmmmmm.....i am thinking leave them black?

I think really what you need is splashes of bold color that you can get from a red door (if you can ever see it...if the storm door is always on a red door is not so visible...well, it would still be visible thru the glass) PLANTS and FLOWERS (you are great at gardening!) or flowering trees and/or vines. Vines over that iron gate would be fab. lots of colorful stuff amid those green ball shrubs and around the little tree.

I think one of hte reasons you don't like the color of the house is that it totally gets lost next to the brick. A bright white would really make the brick stand out. then you'd paint the garage door the same as the shutters. Hmmm or leave it white? but paint the framing of the garage door black. hmmm i'll have to poke around some more. i think the black roof looks nice with the black shutters, but you're right get rid of that brown in between. its not doing anything to set off the bold black roof and shutters.

sory to have blathered on so much!

Steph, G's Mom said...

here are a few links, no mansard houses but lots of examples of brick and black shutters and red doors

the other thing that would work is a very light tan, with a lot of yellow in it, but defo TAN.


this one is awesome


bbbunch said...

I would agree with some people about leaving brick, if the brick were more...let's say...charming? I'm for painting it. And I had a dream last night that your house was kind of a warm white and the front door was red. Go figure! Why am I dreaming about your house anyway?


Sarah & Crew said...

Mandy, the other Mom is from the Renton/Kent area. There is also another Mom with a little guy who lives North of Seattle, but south of Blaine. I completely forget the name of the town though, but if that is your area, let me know and I'll get the exact town name for you :)

Becky--warm white, red door--what color would you paint the shutters? The shutters are confounding me.

Melanie said...

I agree with Michelle above...my professional ;-) opinion is to not add vines to the brick...you may end up with crumbling walls. The color ideas are fun. I'll add mine shortly.


Debbie said...

I like what Steph G. mom's said.

Painting brick is always a tricky thing. I do like the idea of painting the house white but I think I would leave the door black but possibly paint the storm door frame black too. Just a thought..

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of leaving the house alone. If you are going to paint something... how about the door?

Your husband cannot possibly be injured painting the door!

-Not the Mr. (denial, more than a river in Egypt!)

Anne Marie said...

I am with Cliff on this one. Don't paint the brick. It feels like something that cannot be undone. I do like the idea of painting the door and Sorry Cliff, but Sarah is correct you cannot have a two toned house - I am just not sure what color - something that compliments the brick, softer yellow, or beige maybe.