Friday, June 19, 2009

All week long I have been struggling with anger and fear. Over and over, I ask

Why does all of this always happen to me?

When is it my turn?

Why can't my children come home?

This is SO unfair!!
(I spent all of Monday and Tuesday saying this last one in a fit of anger, and all day Wednesday and yesterday saying it in a flood of tears)

A while back I bought my children the book I Will Not Be Afraid by Michelle Medlock Adams. Atticus chose it as his bedtime story on Tuesday night, and I can't help but think that his doing so was part of the bigger plan.

The book certainly did not give me any of the exact answers, but it's giving me a few thoughts and verses that I am leaning on heavily today. I know a few others are going through some similar situations, so I thought I'd share a few passages from this storybook:

When it's really dark at night
and I'm alone in bed
I will not be afraid at all!
I will not hide my head
(You are my hiding place;
You will protect me from trouble and
surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalm 32:7

And if our country is at war
and trouble's everywhere
I will not be afraid at all
'cause I know God is there
(God has said, "Never will I leave you;
never will I forsake you."
So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper;
I will not be afraid." Hebrews 13:5-6

I do not have to be afraid
when bad things come my way
I will not be afraid at all!
That's what I have to say!

My God is in control of all--
the storms, the night, the war.
I trust God and love Him so.
He loves me even more.
(Cast all your anxiety on Him
because He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Sometimes going back to the truth stated in the most simple manner is the best way to see the light in the midst of a messy and complex situation.


A Blessed Life said...

So true.those are great verses. Thanks for sharing.

Salzwedel Family said...

I needed this...thanks!

Sawatzky family said...

So true Sarah. God is there with you even in the tough times! We are praying for you through this. And when I say that I do actually mean I have set aside specific parts of my day to stop and pray for your family and this situation. I am glad God placed that book in your path to bring some comfort and peace. :)

bbbunch said...

I am all choked up and teary. How true. Thanks for sharing.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating the birthday of two very lovely women in your life! Relax and enjoy...God is taking care of everything else ;)

Hope Cliff got home to you safe and sound!

Love you!
The Bunch

Darla said...

We are praying for your family at this time. I'm sure it will be a long weekend. Hope next week brings the best news. Keep the faith. We love you. Granny & Papa