Saturday, May 30, 2009

Suspense So Delicious

you can nearly smell it.

I have peonies and irises just ready to burst forth with their fragrant beauty.

Spinach is ready to be picked, along with the mesclun mix and chives. The strawberries are budding from their dainty white flowers, and my raspberries have gone hog wild, taking over another garden bed. Given the amount of stalks, we should have an abundant quantity of berries this year.

Two weeks ago, the Mister carefully placed my antique cemetery fencing up against the remaining fence posts from last year's fence relocation. Those posts are sunk into the ground, each in a 5 gallon bucket of pure concrete. He dug up one of those babies, and had no desire for the remaining two. So we decided to put the iron fencing up against it (the poor guy forgot that each fence piece weighs 250 pounds. . I think he would have rather dug up those posts.) I planted my beans, peas and cucumbers along the perimeter, so that the lovely vines can weave around and through the wrought iron.

Then over the past two days, the Mister and I busted our behinds putting in my new raised bed tomato garden. With the gardening budget already spent, I resolved to just planting at ground level, the ground soil mixed with compost, with the intention to order topsoil next year. But this morning, the neighbor across the street offered up his remaining heap of topsoil, which he had delivered well over 2 weeks ago. Do I want free topsoil? That's a no-brainer. Anxious to have his driveway back, the guy was nearly as overjoyed as I was as the Mister loaded and hauled wheelbarrow full (after wheelbarrow full, after wheelbarrow full) back for the raised tomato bed.

21 tomato plants are all snugly nestled into their new home, rich with compost, manure and peat. 21 promises from a delicious tomorrow.

Life is good.


bbbunch said...

Everything is looking so beautiful! Great work put your feet up and enjoy your wine!


Anonymous said...

Dirt is deceptive. I thought filling that little raised garden bed would be a snap. Instead, I just about died. It was all worth it, however, when I saw the finished product- you made a very lovely garden bed from our limited supplies. You impress me every day!