Saturday, May 16, 2009


I love rummage sale season, and this season is booming. A likely result of a poor economy, many people who would not typically consider holding a rummage sale are now trying them out. I'm not complaining.

Yesterday's rummage excursion resulted in some major scores.

* A $10 Mongoose bicycle for Atticus. It needs a new seat, but no problem. We had been pricing out bikes for him since his birthday is next month and he's outgrown his bike. Needless to say, we were thrilled to find one for $10!

* A children's bank/ATM for Hatfield. This gadget has made her Santa/Birthday list for several years running, but never in the top 5. So yesterday she found a brand-new one for $3.

* A dolly bunk bed for Paloma $2 and a Barbietopia DVD $1

* 3 throw pillows for $1. I've been looking for throw pillows for our family room, and I'm always appalled at how expensive they are! So I bought these 3, albeit ugly, with the intention of recovering them. I have just the fabric in mind. Better dust off my sewing machine.

And the
The Mister's Early Father's Day Present

The Mister has long been looking for a good rowing machine. The really good ones are snatched up on Craig's list in a *snap*, and go for way more than he'd like to spend. And brand new, they are so expensive, it's laughable.

So yesterday, I found a rowing machine that looked good, for $30. All it needed was a new battery in the monitor. It looks like the ones at the Y, so I figured it couldn't be that bad, so I bought it.

The Mister came home and BLISSFULLY FREAKED OUT. At first I thought he was upset that I spent $30 on a piece of junk, until I realized that he was overjoyed. Apparently, I scored a Concept 2 Rower. They retail for $800-$1400 (see? laughable!), so $30 was a mighty good deal. Happy Father's Day, baby!

After the Mister finished his Concept 2 Happy Dance, he brought in a brown paper bag, the contents of which had me doing a Happy Dance of my own.

What did he bring me?

Fresh, wild, Michigan forest-grown Wild Leeks.

The Mister said I was so excited you would have thought he brought home a diamond ring. Trust me, honey, I'd much rather have fresh Wild Leeks than a silly ol' diamond ring any day.

One of his U.P. coworkers took him out in the middle of nowhere, and the two men were digging up wild leeks in their business suits and shoes. What a sight!

The leeks smell heavenly. The organic leeks I get in our CSA box are pretty amazing, but wild ones are out of this world. I made Leek/Porcini Mushroom/Spinach calzones last night for dinner. Heaven! Today I'm going to try my hand at a Wild Leek/Potato soup. It's a cool, blustery day--perfect soup weather.

Have a wonderful weekend!


bbbunch said...

I hit some rummage sales yesterday too! Unfortunately I had Lilly and my 3 month old great niece with me (with no stroller) that wasn't super fun! I did buy a few things, but nothing that great. My niece went yesterday and scored big on some for her baby boy :( Oh well...her child will just be better dressed than his younger (by 7 weeks) cousin! Is Monday still in the plans for you? Anytime would work for me :)

Much love,

mama bear said...

You have to share the recipe for the leek/potato soup. That's one that my mom used to make for us when I was little. I loved it! I would love to make it for my kids. I don't know if leeks grow wild here, but I can definitely find them in the grocery store!