Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Great 5FC Road Trip 2009 has been postponed.

On next week Wednesday, a promising meeting is scheduled in Haiti regarding our adoption file. We may get that elusive I-600 approval just yet!

The Mister will take a two-week paternity leave when the boys arrive home, so we thought it best for the Mister not to take 2 weeks of vacation, 2 weeks of paternity leave, and 1 week out of the sales field for a national sales meeting. Doing so would pretty much guarantee that we would not be seeing a commission check for that quarter.

Even if we don't see immediate results from the Wednesday meeting, I'm feeling good. My babies will be coming home, and sooner than later.

I've had a lot of people remark to me that I must be soooo mad about this or that with the adoption. Believe me, I have spent a great deal of the past 10 months feeling pretty ticked off in a major Mama Bear way!

Right now, though?
I'm not feeling any anger or malice.

I do feel:

We have taken some HUGE steps backwards in this Visa process. To have week after week of itty bitty, promising baby steps forward? Well, that's just not something I'm used to.

Yet you know what?
It feels darn good!

So to all of our Washington
(and on-the-way-there) family and friends,
we are very sorry to not see you all.
I promise,
we will get out there.
But y'all will need to make space for SEVEN
instead of just five,
when we do arrive.


Sawatzky family said...

Woot Woot!!!!!!
Praises for baby steps in the RIGHT direction! :)
We will be in prayer for you my dear friend!
Shelly and family

small town girl said...

Good news! And I hope you get more soon!

Anonymous said...

Here's a story,
Of a patient lady,
Who was raising up 3 children of her own,
All of them were pure as gold,
Like their mother,
The youngest one was Po....

Don't know why, but that was stuck in my head. Can't wait to see what will be in my mind with the clan at seven...

Just sit right back and I'll tell a tale,
A tale of a devoted spouse
It starts in a frozen tundra land,
With 5 kids in a house!

-Mr. Eight...Seven is enough! (Sorry, corny tv references abound!)

bbbunch said... crack me up! Sarah...I LOVE progress forward, slow but steady wins the race my friend!!! I'm so excited! Let's nest together :)

Love ya,

Katy said...

Praying those little baby steps soon become GIANT steps all the way HOME with the boys!!!