Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No news from Haiti, but at least I got new photos today

Today has been a long, frustrating day of waiting. Waiting that feels like it will never end. We heard of one family receiving an approval today, but honestly, that's not very comforting to me. If I'm being completely honest, it kind of felt like being punched in the stomach. What's the holdup for us this time? Why can't our files get approved?

I received these photos of my handsome, big boys.

They go to "school" now at the orphanage. Before they were too little. Look at their smiles!

My smiley Keenan always melts my heart.

I suppose I should love this photo of Miles, and I do, but today it just hurts to look at. He is so grown up now. Where did my baby go?
Maybe tomorrow will bring the news we are longing to hear.


Me said...

I really, really hope you get that good news soon. The waiting and the watching them grow up in pictures is just painful. I am so sorry.

Katy said...

I am so sorry Sarah...I know exactly what your feeling about the photo want to smile and cry at the same time as you watch them grow up before your eyes, not in your arms..Please Lord, make it SOON for these precious guys!

small town girl said...

I have been praying hard for you this week and I hope everything is resolved soon and the boys are home with you where they belong. I think of you and your family everyday.

I noticed the 'teacher's aides' at the girls were not in Port long, so I guess this must have been taken while they were waiting for visa approval.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your honesty about your feelings and share your frustrations. I have no doubt that our patience and prayers will soon be answered. Please remain strong and know that I am here to provide support and love.


bbbunch said...

They are just IS heartbreaking to see the photos, but also wonderful. They look so strong and...beautiful. It is truly the only word I can use for those gorgeous smiles. So close!!! My thoughts are with you my dear :)