Monday, May 18, 2009

Mistaken Identity

The other day, my little worker bees and I

took ALL of the children shoes in our home,
placed them on the driveway,
and organized them.

Worker Bee Hattie created a grid system with sidewalk chalk.

"To Grow Into"

Every shoe went to a chalk grid home.
And then onto the appropriate shoe bin.

of the shoes in our home is quite the collection
people stopped by,
thinking that we were a rummage sale.

we'd say.
We're just organizing the kids' shoes.

"How many kids you gots yourself there?"
inquired one rather articulate
and overly refined lady.

we proudly announced.

"Good Lord!"
she huffed.
She peeled rubber
and tore away.

Looking around,
at the abundance of shoes,
many of them donated,
and my 3 smiling worker bees
and thoughts of my 2 boys in Haiti,
I thought,
Our Lord is a Good Lord,


Anonymous said...

The shoe collection has nothing on the stuffed animal menagerie (sp?). If stuffed animals were people, our house would be China....


bbbunch said...

That is SO funny! All I have to do is OPEN my garage, and people slow down...but I don't have to tell you twice, you just saw for yourself! And the Lord IS good indeed! Can't wait until there are feet in those little shoes of yours!


Sawatzky family said...

Too funny!
That is a lot of shoes to fill!
Great work little bees! :)
Shelly and gang