Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hyper Active


We are back home from our home-away-from-home: safe, sound and (initially) smelly.

I'm happy to report that we are all showered up and smelling so much better. Except for my hair. It still smells like a smokey campfire. Any experienced bon fire-ers know how to get the smell of campfire out of hair?!?

Lately, I've been trying very hard to break that always lingering "pull" I feel to the computer. To blog, to check blogs and to obsessively check my email. I just can't get into the whole Facebook thing, which is a blessing in disguise.

For some time now, I've been feeling the need to get.off.the.computer. Alas, (bad) habits are difficult to break. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting there.

It really began with my Aunt Virginia's funeral. To hear wonderful story after heartfelt story after hilarious story of her family's life and times. It occurred to me as I was listening that this was life without internet or tv. I don't watch tv, so that's not a big deal. But, darned if I could step foot into the kitchen without wanting to steal into our office for a quick internet perusal.

The realization that
we'll someday have two more little bodies here,
the realization that my house is not in the state I want it to be in,
the huge energy boost I get from gardening, running and sunshine,
prayer (especially prayer),
has made it easier for me to cut the computer ties.

Life is good.

I'm so enjoying my lil' Miss Paloma. Her 14th through 36th months of life were really tough for me. She challenged me SO much that I felt it was difficult to bond with her the way I bonded with my other children. She made me SO tired that I couldn't even feel guilty that I didn't bond with her. And because we are adopting two children, I felt like I couldn't share this, because people would react, "Then why are you adopting two more?" I just needed to find people who would understand that this was just a season, and I needed support during that time.

Thankfully, that season has passed.
We have moved onto a new Paloma Era.
I'm loving it.
She is a glorious 3-year old with SO much personality.

SO, SO, SO much!

I wish I could convey just how much.

When Hattie was little, I had many years of just her and I together.

When Atticus was born, Hattie went to school, so Atticus and I had many months of "just the two of us" during the daytime.

When Paloma came along, the other kids soon became home-schooled, and I just never got the same amount of "just the two of us" time.

This weekend, Cliff and the kids need to perform the Dad's Dance/Dad's & Kids' Dance in all 5 of the recitals (lucky them!) After the first recital, I am taking my little Miss Pona away for a "Just the Two of Us" weekend getaway.

I can't wait.

In the meanwhile, my nesting instinct has kicked in.
In quite the Hyper Active Fashion.
Today I cleaned out the entire garage.
You would need to know my Mister's garage
before you can understand the
immense magnitude
of that statement.
The Mister is forbidden to look in the garbage can
(That's right, Mr. C: forbidden!)

Tomorrow I am thinking about renting
a Roto-Tiller for my new garden beds.

Just kidding.



Anonymous said...

First, I think Po's insistence on being glued to you in good and bad times is proof of the pre-existing bonding. She is bonded to you!!

Second, I didn't know our garbage cans could be padlocked. Very funny....


small town girl said...

Good thing God made our little ones resilliant. They bond with us under amazing circumstances.

I relate to the computer thing, and I will say it's easier to break away since the girls have gotten home. I feel the need to organize my thoughts on a blog and express them albiet not always very well. And I don't have as much time for it now, or for editing which drives me nuts!!! But...there is just something about the pre-homecoming that makes us a little (or alot) nuts. I had a terrible time focusing especially at work, but I feel normal again, it's really a blessing.

The pain and fear of waiting is similar to the agony of childbirth, it's just a different kind of agony and it's prolonged. It affects other people so it also brings guilt down on our heads. But it is also like childbirth in that when they get here, you forget the agony. You know it was there, but it's gone.

Praying that you will be there soon. Try to cut yourself a little slack.

Love ya!

bbbunch said...

First of all - we were thinking of renting a roto-tiller too! If you are serious - let's split it, k?

Second - how many times have I told you that Miss Pona reminds me SO much of Miss Bella? From about 13 months until she was 4 she tested me, tried my patience and gave me a few gray hairs. Now that she is almost 7 (gulp!) I can say she is STILL my most challenging child, but I adore her SO much! She has the most independent, confident way about her...yet she is the most loving big sister EVER! Having another child has really helped this situation, because she got to be a helper and wasn't the "princess/ baby" anymore. I love that all of this independence will someday turn into a strong-willed teen/adult who isn't afraid of standing up for herself and won't give in to peer pressure as easily. They will be strong women indeed!

Thirdly - I am almost done with the kids rooms completely...so you will have to come over and see them soon! I ordered Bella a bunkbed for her room and it should arrive next week :) I am now in the hanging decoration phase! YAY!

Fourthly (are these even words?) - I seriously will help you with your boy's rooms...but I need some serious help in my garage (pre-rummage sale)...interested?

Okay...I'm done :) Let me know about the roto-tiller :) LOVE YOU!


Melanie said...

I was totally going to ask to split the roto-tiller too...too funny! Must be spring fever!

But I'd need help...I have no idea what to do with one! Except I know roto-tiller = garden.