Sunday, May 17, 2009



Attack of the Giant, Child-Eating

Rhubarb Leaves!!!

(I promise Pona is not traumatized. She's just dramatically gift. She was smiling the moment before and laughing and begging to see her picture the moment after. Kinda creepy, huh?)

Compost. . .

it's a good thing.
Just look at how ginormous
my rhubarb is this year!
And on May 15th!

The weather has been cool and mostly sunny.
Perfect for growing:




and carrots.

Today I'm planting Round II of spinach, beets, mesclun and kale. Plus Round I of basil (3 varieties), chamomile and peppermint.

Then in the upcoming week, I'm moving my attention over to my neglected perennial gardens. If anyone is in need of ferns, lily of the valley, snow-on-the-mountain and/or purple wild violet ground cover, let me know. . . . I'm your girl!


Melanie said...

Wow! Very impressive!

And, yes, I will be over with my shovel and pails to play in the dirt!

Anonymous said...

Has my daughter been acting every time I see tears in her eyes or she announces she is scared when I tell her she is in trouble? Have I been duped?

Methinks I have been bamboozled!!


Sawatzky family said...

WOW! We haven't been able to even plant anyhing here yet! lol
This week it finally looks like warm enough weather for planting...keep your fingers crossed. ;b
Shelly and gang

Anonymous said...

LOVE you! I have a ton of fact this is the only thing we in the forest. What do you do with all this stuff? Let me in on your secret;)
See you at chruch!