Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, Keenan!

Happy Birthday to Our Sweet Baby Boy!

Dear Keenan,

Happy, Happy Birthday! What a wonderful and special day it is. God certainly made the world a Better and More Beautiful Place when he created you.

Today is a Day to Celebrate.

Yesterday, I grieved that you were not here. I thought about all the days I have missed with you. I was angry and hurt.

But not today.
A Birthday is not a day to grieve.
A Birthday is a Day to Celebrate YOU.
Near or Far,
Here or Not,
YOU are being Celebrated Today.

Today I will put together your scooter. And I will continue to work on your bedroom. And if the sunshine peeks out later, I will plant some of those yummy, colorful pepper plants that I will feed YOU later this summer.

Today is a Glorious Day.
Thank you, Keenan, for existing.
We Love You.
We Miss You.
We Will See You SOON.
Your Family


Julie said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Keenan and praying you are home soon!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Keenan hoping and praying you are home soon!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! We are praying you home and are super excited to meet you!

Jenn said...

Five?!?! Wow. Where did time go...he was just a little guy the first time I met him.

Happy Birthday, little man.

bbbunch said...

Happy Birthday Keenan! We can't wait to meet you :)

Sarah...seriously, you are making me cry.

Love you all!

ManyBlessings said...

Happy Birthday Keenan!

Still praying for you mommy. :)


Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Happy Birthday Keenan, Hope you are home REAL soon!!


small town girl said...

Happy Birthday Baby! We are praying you home!

Sawatzky family said...

Praying you are home so soon sweet Keenan!
Luv Swat Team

Seipp Family said...

Sarah hey jazzy has the same birthday may 28th cousins have the same bday... cant wait to see the boyz..hope you guyz get them before we move to hawaii..take care sarah