Friday, May 29, 2009

An Email from the USCIS

It's not the exact email we wanted to read, but I'm not complaining at this point. All of these baby steps in the right direction will slowly but surely get our boys home.

Here's part of their email:

We confirm that the meeting with the ----- representative went well. We will conduct the final processing of your case. You should hear from us next week.


Now here's what I'm making of this email:

Hooray on the meeting going well from their perspective. That's what we wanted to hear. If they wanted anything else from us, I would think they would write, "The meeting went well, but we want more." I think it's a good sign that there was no "but" attached to that sentence.

All of our other emails say that they need to "review our file" so they can "render their decision." Now this one says, "Conduct the final processing of your case." I am SO HOPING that it means that their decision is indeed rendered (as an approval) and the final processing is writing the letter of approval, stamping it and passing it along to the Consulate.

That isn't reading into it too much, is it? I hope not. I am all done now with my psycho analysis (I'm laughing at my own play on words there, ha ha!)

Either way, it's nice to go into the weekend on this little happy note. It's not exactly what we wanted to hear, but they certainly did not throw any more hoops at us.

One baby step closer. Closer and closer, we're nudging up to that marathon finish line.

Happy Weekending!


Sawatzky family said...

That sounds like a great step in the RIGHT direction! It makes me wish I was there to give you all a giant HUG! Really I wish I could be there! lol
Still praying..but celebrating for you here :)
Shelly and Shawn

geralyn said...

Sarah, this is excellent wording in my estimation. Right before we got our I-600 approval we got an email worded similarly stating that it was in the final approval stages and they would notify us next week when it was finished. I think this is outstanding news. Keep everything crossed, salt over the shoulder, no black cats in front of you, etc., and I fully anticipate you getting excellent news next week. Many of us are waiting for that super news. Keep us posted...I am checking in on you!

Salzwedel Family said...

That sounds very positive! Praying...

bbbunch said...

What I read into that is: "It's's almost the weekend... we COULD approve you today, but instead, we will save that paperwork for next week." Am I wrong, or does that sound about right? :) Sounds like a GREAT, positive e-mail in the right direction!!! Slow and steady wins the race, right?


Laurie said...

Sounds like GREAT news to me. Congratulations it sounds like you are so close now.

mama bear said...

It does sound like good news. Hoping you will hear from them early next week. Praying you will get approval and travel SOON!

small town girl said...

I'm in the wildly optimistic column. I recieved similar emails to this just before approval. (I recieved more than one because of the fingerprinting delay) Of course I never would allow myself to believe they were going to approve until right before it happened. If it were otherwise I think you would not hear anything at this point. Looking forward to hearing some great news from you soon!