Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coming Up for Air

My poor computer has sat so relatively unattended that dust has actually accumulated. I'll explain why in a bit.

But first, an adoption update for my loyal readers.
(because my stat counter tells me that you're all checking.)

Happy to report that the meeting in Haiti yesterday ACTUALLY HAPPENED! I'm still a bit stunned about that one. Successfully gathering 4 very busy, very overextended people in a meeting regarding an adoption file on the first try is a HUGE Act of God. There is no other explanation. Thank you, Lord, for this one! We are so grateful.

To bring the latecomers up to speed, the US government informed us that in order for the problems in our file to be resolved, a certain condition needed to be met.

Yesterday, we hopefully met that condition.

For now, we wait, while the file is reviewed so that they can "render their decision."

Honestly, the words "render their decision" kinda make my blood run cold, but I DO know of people who heard that wording and then received an I-600 approval several days later.

How long of a wait? We were told we would hear "early next week." But not Monday early, because, that's a holiday.

But you know what is making this wait SO MUCH MORE BEARABLE?!?! So bearable in fact, that I have only checked my email today 3 measly times?!?

This whole Twilight thing has just sucked me in. It all started when the Mister and I watched the movie on Sunday night. Wow! I thought. I'd totally give the book a try!

So on Monday night, while hanging out with Becky and her bunch, I mentioned the movie and my desire for the book. Apparently, divine Mrs. B. read all 4 books in, well, we'll say a rather short period of time, hee hee. Next thing I know Mr. B came running in with the first two books of the series.

But who am I to make fun of my dear friend when I myself read both Twilight and New Moon in 2 days? And guess who just sent the Mister out to buy book 3?

These books are delicious. The writing, the stories, the sensuality. There are parts of these books where I can barely breathe.

I am thoroughly enjoying this fabulous little detour from this continued adoption wait. I cannot wait to get immersed in the next two books. I promise to come up for air, once the next bit of adoption news arrives. Until then, my ringer is off the hook, my nose is in a great book and the Mister better bring home pizza for dinner 'cuz I have ZERO intention of cooking until I read the very last page (seriously Mister. You. Pizza. Dinner.)


bbbunch said...

Glad I could help out with the distraction :) I told you...absolutely addictive! I can't imagine reading them one at a time and having to WAIT for another book to come out! Torture :)


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Salzwedel Family said...

We loved the movie, now I'm convinced I must read the books too!

So glad your meeting happened and can't wait to hear your good news next week.