Saturday, May 30, 2009

Suspense So Delicious

you can nearly smell it.

I have peonies and irises just ready to burst forth with their fragrant beauty.

Spinach is ready to be picked, along with the mesclun mix and chives. The strawberries are budding from their dainty white flowers, and my raspberries have gone hog wild, taking over another garden bed. Given the amount of stalks, we should have an abundant quantity of berries this year.

Two weeks ago, the Mister carefully placed my antique cemetery fencing up against the remaining fence posts from last year's fence relocation. Those posts are sunk into the ground, each in a 5 gallon bucket of pure concrete. He dug up one of those babies, and had no desire for the remaining two. So we decided to put the iron fencing up against it (the poor guy forgot that each fence piece weighs 250 pounds. . I think he would have rather dug up those posts.) I planted my beans, peas and cucumbers along the perimeter, so that the lovely vines can weave around and through the wrought iron.

Then over the past two days, the Mister and I busted our behinds putting in my new raised bed tomato garden. With the gardening budget already spent, I resolved to just planting at ground level, the ground soil mixed with compost, with the intention to order topsoil next year. But this morning, the neighbor across the street offered up his remaining heap of topsoil, which he had delivered well over 2 weeks ago. Do I want free topsoil? That's a no-brainer. Anxious to have his driveway back, the guy was nearly as overjoyed as I was as the Mister loaded and hauled wheelbarrow full (after wheelbarrow full, after wheelbarrow full) back for the raised tomato bed.

21 tomato plants are all snugly nestled into their new home, rich with compost, manure and peat. 21 promises from a delicious tomorrow.

Life is good.

Friday, May 29, 2009

An Email from the USCIS

It's not the exact email we wanted to read, but I'm not complaining at this point. All of these baby steps in the right direction will slowly but surely get our boys home.

Here's part of their email:

We confirm that the meeting with the ----- representative went well. We will conduct the final processing of your case. You should hear from us next week.


Now here's what I'm making of this email:

Hooray on the meeting going well from their perspective. That's what we wanted to hear. If they wanted anything else from us, I would think they would write, "The meeting went well, but we want more." I think it's a good sign that there was no "but" attached to that sentence.

All of our other emails say that they need to "review our file" so they can "render their decision." Now this one says, "Conduct the final processing of your case." I am SO HOPING that it means that their decision is indeed rendered (as an approval) and the final processing is writing the letter of approval, stamping it and passing it along to the Consulate.

That isn't reading into it too much, is it? I hope not. I am all done now with my psycho analysis (I'm laughing at my own play on words there, ha ha!)

Either way, it's nice to go into the weekend on this little happy note. It's not exactly what we wanted to hear, but they certainly did not throw any more hoops at us.

One baby step closer. Closer and closer, we're nudging up to that marathon finish line.

Happy Weekending!

COPY C(r)A(f)T

My ugly, dirty paint-speckled step stool has long been a fixture at my kitchen sink, to assist children in their child labor. . er. . chore of dish washing.

But the darn ugly, paint-speckled thing was such an eye sore that I felt the need to whisk it into the garage each time a visitor popped in.

But dear brilliant Beckie over at Infarrantly Creative worked some great voodoo with an ugly ol' stepstool, blogged here, and I thought, Eureka! I can totally do that.

So I did.

I should have taken a before picture, but alas, I did not. So picture a super ugly dirty step stool. That's the before.

Here's the after:

How cute is this?

I love the red. I had a nice 90% full can of red spray paint just sitting in my garage, left over from when I repainted our red tricycle.

I made a little cushion from a Fed Ex box, some batting, and leftover fabric from my kitchen window treatments (Jimmy did the windows, so they're actual treatments. Had I done them, they most certainly would have been mistreatments. You Nesters know what I'm talking 'bout.)

Now my children actually fight over whose turn it is to wash dishes.

Thanks, Beckie, for sharing this stroke of genius!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, Keenan!

Happy Birthday to Our Sweet Baby Boy!

Dear Keenan,

Happy, Happy Birthday! What a wonderful and special day it is. God certainly made the world a Better and More Beautiful Place when he created you.

Today is a Day to Celebrate.

Yesterday, I grieved that you were not here. I thought about all the days I have missed with you. I was angry and hurt.

But not today.
A Birthday is not a day to grieve.
A Birthday is a Day to Celebrate YOU.
Near or Far,
Here or Not,
YOU are being Celebrated Today.

Today I will put together your scooter. And I will continue to work on your bedroom. And if the sunshine peeks out later, I will plant some of those yummy, colorful pepper plants that I will feed YOU later this summer.

Today is a Glorious Day.
Thank you, Keenan, for existing.
We Love You.
We Miss You.
We Will See You SOON.
Your Family

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No news from Haiti, but at least I got new photos today

Today has been a long, frustrating day of waiting. Waiting that feels like it will never end. We heard of one family receiving an approval today, but honestly, that's not very comforting to me. If I'm being completely honest, it kind of felt like being punched in the stomach. What's the holdup for us this time? Why can't our files get approved?

I received these photos of my handsome, big boys.

They go to "school" now at the orphanage. Before they were too little. Look at their smiles!

My smiley Keenan always melts my heart.

I suppose I should love this photo of Miles, and I do, but today it just hurts to look at. He is so grown up now. Where did my baby go?
Maybe tomorrow will bring the news we are longing to hear.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Laundry Day

3 kids, 8 loads of laundry, 2 rolls of quarters, 1 basket full of toys and 1 backpack full of junk food went to the Laundromat this morning.

The kids entertained themselves in between helping with all the laundry. I entertained myself by reading all the great magazines in the Laundromat this morning.

Look at this one!

I entertained myself by reading the March 1997 copy of Veggie Life magazine. Yes, the vegetarian magazine has sat in the Laundromat for 12 years now, untouched and never stolen.

The Mister had a field day with that one, as you can imagine.

My washing machine is broken for the 5th time in 15 months.

Its breakdown caused me to have one huge breakdown last night after I put the children to bed. My emotions and blood pressure are at an all-time high with this whole adoption wait right now. Our finances are stretched thin with impending travel and life expenses, and the thought of having to pay for yet another service call made me feel sick.

So I sobbed.

For a long time.

The poor Mister couldn't figure out if I was crying about the adoption or the washing machine or something else. I was a sorry sight, I'm sure.

But this morning arrived and with it, a refreshed mind that concocted today's game plan.

I'm sick and tired of my fancy schmancy front-loader with its fancy schmancy computer panel. The thing is just too delicate to take the abuse we dole out to it on a daily basis. Or maybe it's sturdy enough, and I'm just too rough. But my first washing machine was a top loader that I had for 12 years with no repairs ever needed. (Okay, well once, but that was totally, unequivocally my fault.)

Either way, I'm going to sell the broken washing machine to the appliance repair/resale shop, and then I'm going to buy a tried-and-true, used, top-loading machine for $100. My water bill can be damned, but I'm not going to keep paying for these stupid repair expenses.

Now that my washing machine saga is over for now, my mind and stomach are back to feel sick with anticipation. So I'm going to borrow the 4th Twilight book from Mrs. B's today. She said it is the most delicious of all, and despite being nearly 800 pages, the one she finished first.

Sounds good to me. I'd much rather have that to occupy my mind than yet another broken appliance.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I can't run 13.1 if I don't run mile 4 right now

This morning the Mister and I ran around the entire lake where we camp. Normally I don't run with my Mister because his normal pace eclipses mine by several miles per hour. Not that he's a bully who forces me to keep up (he's not), but because I'm quite physically self-conscious and am not yet comfortable running with others yet (even my husband, as silly as that is.) I feel slow and cloppy and anything but graceful. Which is how I feel normally with most everyday activities, but that feeling is significantly magnified when I run.

Yet this morning, Jimmy was willing to child and puppy sit, the sun was shining, and the Mister was trying to build up strength for pose running, which slows him down to my speed anyway. So I was wiling to put aside my feelings of awkwardness, and we set off around the lake.

Our run was just 4 miles, but there are some hills which are a bear and make it more challenging. Not having any alone time for several days, we had ample things to chit chat about and soon found ourselves falling into a comfortable pace. The miles slipped behind us, and before I knew it, we were rounding the bend towards camp.

I commented to the Mister that I wish all my runs were so easy. Lately, I've been petering out a bit during the run and often have to revamp my mindset.

When things get hard, I remind myself that unless I run mile 4 right now, I'm not going to be able to run miles 6.2 next month at the Bellin Run. If I don't run mile 4 right now, I'm not going to be able to run the half marathon I'm training for in September. A short cut in this situation will only make tomorrow all the more difficult.

As I was explaining all of this to the Mister, it occured to me that I have several balls that I'm juggling where I feel that same petering out feeling. I flit from thing to thing, and can never fully commit to a course of action.

When I flit about, the only thing that grows is my list of what I'm not completing.

I'm tired of flitting.

Part of the problem is that I take on too much. I allow too many distractions from my purpose at this point in my life. So shame on me.

As I get older though, I am not finding that it gets any easier to find fewer distractions. More exist, if anything. But I do find that I am getting better at figuring out what to cut out of my life.

Yet when I set my scissors down and finish sweeping up the remnants, I still find that I'm flitting about these few unfinished pieces of business.

It would probably do me some good to take a similar approach to these things as I do the running. If I want to take something to the finishing line, I better keep advancing myself. Kind of like the adoption. The adoption is a marathon, and right now, we've hit a wall at Mile 25. We know that we're going to get past it, but we remind ourselves that if we want to get to Mile 25.5 and Miles 26 and the Finish Line, well, we best keep on putting one foot in front of another at Mile 25. We know these things about the adoption; they seem implicit.

Yet why do I make it so hard for myself with some other things?
Heck if I know. I guess that's something to figure out on my next run with the Mister.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coming Up for Air

My poor computer has sat so relatively unattended that dust has actually accumulated. I'll explain why in a bit.

But first, an adoption update for my loyal readers.
(because my stat counter tells me that you're all checking.)

Happy to report that the meeting in Haiti yesterday ACTUALLY HAPPENED! I'm still a bit stunned about that one. Successfully gathering 4 very busy, very overextended people in a meeting regarding an adoption file on the first try is a HUGE Act of God. There is no other explanation. Thank you, Lord, for this one! We are so grateful.

To bring the latecomers up to speed, the US government informed us that in order for the problems in our file to be resolved, a certain condition needed to be met.

Yesterday, we hopefully met that condition.

For now, we wait, while the file is reviewed so that they can "render their decision."

Honestly, the words "render their decision" kinda make my blood run cold, but I DO know of people who heard that wording and then received an I-600 approval several days later.

How long of a wait? We were told we would hear "early next week." But not Monday early, because, that's a holiday.

But you know what is making this wait SO MUCH MORE BEARABLE?!?! So bearable in fact, that I have only checked my email today 3 measly times?!?

This whole Twilight thing has just sucked me in. It all started when the Mister and I watched the movie on Sunday night. Wow! I thought. I'd totally give the book a try!

So on Monday night, while hanging out with Becky and her bunch, I mentioned the movie and my desire for the book. Apparently, divine Mrs. B. read all 4 books in, well, we'll say a rather short period of time, hee hee. Next thing I know Mr. B came running in with the first two books of the series.

But who am I to make fun of my dear friend when I myself read both Twilight and New Moon in 2 days? And guess who just sent the Mister out to buy book 3?

These books are delicious. The writing, the stories, the sensuality. There are parts of these books where I can barely breathe.

I am thoroughly enjoying this fabulous little detour from this continued adoption wait. I cannot wait to get immersed in the next two books. I promise to come up for air, once the next bit of adoption news arrives. Until then, my ringer is off the hook, my nose is in a great book and the Mister better bring home pizza for dinner 'cuz I have ZERO intention of cooking until I read the very last page (seriously Mister. You. Pizza. Dinner.)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mistaken Identity

The other day, my little worker bees and I

took ALL of the children shoes in our home,
placed them on the driveway,
and organized them.

Worker Bee Hattie created a grid system with sidewalk chalk.

"To Grow Into"

Every shoe went to a chalk grid home.
And then onto the appropriate shoe bin.

of the shoes in our home is quite the collection
people stopped by,
thinking that we were a rummage sale.

we'd say.
We're just organizing the kids' shoes.

"How many kids you gots yourself there?"
inquired one rather articulate
and overly refined lady.

we proudly announced.

"Good Lord!"
she huffed.
She peeled rubber
and tore away.

Looking around,
at the abundance of shoes,
many of them donated,
and my 3 smiling worker bees
and thoughts of my 2 boys in Haiti,
I thought,
Our Lord is a Good Lord,

Sunday, May 17, 2009



Attack of the Giant, Child-Eating

Rhubarb Leaves!!!

(I promise Pona is not traumatized. She's just dramatically gift. She was smiling the moment before and laughing and begging to see her picture the moment after. Kinda creepy, huh?)

Compost. . .

it's a good thing.
Just look at how ginormous
my rhubarb is this year!
And on May 15th!

The weather has been cool and mostly sunny.
Perfect for growing:




and carrots.

Today I'm planting Round II of spinach, beets, mesclun and kale. Plus Round I of basil (3 varieties), chamomile and peppermint.

Then in the upcoming week, I'm moving my attention over to my neglected perennial gardens. If anyone is in need of ferns, lily of the valley, snow-on-the-mountain and/or purple wild violet ground cover, let me know. . . . I'm your girl!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I love rummage sale season, and this season is booming. A likely result of a poor economy, many people who would not typically consider holding a rummage sale are now trying them out. I'm not complaining.

Yesterday's rummage excursion resulted in some major scores.

* A $10 Mongoose bicycle for Atticus. It needs a new seat, but no problem. We had been pricing out bikes for him since his birthday is next month and he's outgrown his bike. Needless to say, we were thrilled to find one for $10!

* A children's bank/ATM for Hatfield. This gadget has made her Santa/Birthday list for several years running, but never in the top 5. So yesterday she found a brand-new one for $3.

* A dolly bunk bed for Paloma $2 and a Barbietopia DVD $1

* 3 throw pillows for $1. I've been looking for throw pillows for our family room, and I'm always appalled at how expensive they are! So I bought these 3, albeit ugly, with the intention of recovering them. I have just the fabric in mind. Better dust off my sewing machine.

And the
The Mister's Early Father's Day Present

The Mister has long been looking for a good rowing machine. The really good ones are snatched up on Craig's list in a *snap*, and go for way more than he'd like to spend. And brand new, they are so expensive, it's laughable.

So yesterday, I found a rowing machine that looked good, for $30. All it needed was a new battery in the monitor. It looks like the ones at the Y, so I figured it couldn't be that bad, so I bought it.

The Mister came home and BLISSFULLY FREAKED OUT. At first I thought he was upset that I spent $30 on a piece of junk, until I realized that he was overjoyed. Apparently, I scored a Concept 2 Rower. They retail for $800-$1400 (see? laughable!), so $30 was a mighty good deal. Happy Father's Day, baby!

After the Mister finished his Concept 2 Happy Dance, he brought in a brown paper bag, the contents of which had me doing a Happy Dance of my own.

What did he bring me?

Fresh, wild, Michigan forest-grown Wild Leeks.

The Mister said I was so excited you would have thought he brought home a diamond ring. Trust me, honey, I'd much rather have fresh Wild Leeks than a silly ol' diamond ring any day.

One of his U.P. coworkers took him out in the middle of nowhere, and the two men were digging up wild leeks in their business suits and shoes. What a sight!

The leeks smell heavenly. The organic leeks I get in our CSA box are pretty amazing, but wild ones are out of this world. I made Leek/Porcini Mushroom/Spinach calzones last night for dinner. Heaven! Today I'm going to try my hand at a Wild Leek/Potato soup. It's a cool, blustery day--perfect soup weather.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Great 5FC Road Trip 2009 has been postponed.

On next week Wednesday, a promising meeting is scheduled in Haiti regarding our adoption file. We may get that elusive I-600 approval just yet!

The Mister will take a two-week paternity leave when the boys arrive home, so we thought it best for the Mister not to take 2 weeks of vacation, 2 weeks of paternity leave, and 1 week out of the sales field for a national sales meeting. Doing so would pretty much guarantee that we would not be seeing a commission check for that quarter.

Even if we don't see immediate results from the Wednesday meeting, I'm feeling good. My babies will be coming home, and sooner than later.

I've had a lot of people remark to me that I must be soooo mad about this or that with the adoption. Believe me, I have spent a great deal of the past 10 months feeling pretty ticked off in a major Mama Bear way!

Right now, though?
I'm not feeling any anger or malice.

I do feel:

We have taken some HUGE steps backwards in this Visa process. To have week after week of itty bitty, promising baby steps forward? Well, that's just not something I'm used to.

Yet you know what?
It feels darn good!

So to all of our Washington
(and on-the-way-there) family and friends,
we are very sorry to not see you all.
I promise,
we will get out there.
But y'all will need to make space for SEVEN
instead of just five,
when we do arrive.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hyper Active


We are back home from our home-away-from-home: safe, sound and (initially) smelly.

I'm happy to report that we are all showered up and smelling so much better. Except for my hair. It still smells like a smokey campfire. Any experienced bon fire-ers know how to get the smell of campfire out of hair?!?

Lately, I've been trying very hard to break that always lingering "pull" I feel to the computer. To blog, to check blogs and to obsessively check my email. I just can't get into the whole Facebook thing, which is a blessing in disguise.

For some time now, I've been feeling the need to Alas, (bad) habits are difficult to break. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting there.

It really began with my Aunt Virginia's funeral. To hear wonderful story after heartfelt story after hilarious story of her family's life and times. It occurred to me as I was listening that this was life without internet or tv. I don't watch tv, so that's not a big deal. But, darned if I could step foot into the kitchen without wanting to steal into our office for a quick internet perusal.

The realization that
we'll someday have two more little bodies here,
the realization that my house is not in the state I want it to be in,
the huge energy boost I get from gardening, running and sunshine,
prayer (especially prayer),
has made it easier for me to cut the computer ties.

Life is good.

I'm so enjoying my lil' Miss Paloma. Her 14th through 36th months of life were really tough for me. She challenged me SO much that I felt it was difficult to bond with her the way I bonded with my other children. She made me SO tired that I couldn't even feel guilty that I didn't bond with her. And because we are adopting two children, I felt like I couldn't share this, because people would react, "Then why are you adopting two more?" I just needed to find people who would understand that this was just a season, and I needed support during that time.

Thankfully, that season has passed.
We have moved onto a new Paloma Era.
I'm loving it.
She is a glorious 3-year old with SO much personality.

SO, SO, SO much!

I wish I could convey just how much.

When Hattie was little, I had many years of just her and I together.

When Atticus was born, Hattie went to school, so Atticus and I had many months of "just the two of us" during the daytime.

When Paloma came along, the other kids soon became home-schooled, and I just never got the same amount of "just the two of us" time.

This weekend, Cliff and the kids need to perform the Dad's Dance/Dad's & Kids' Dance in all 5 of the recitals (lucky them!) After the first recital, I am taking my little Miss Pona away for a "Just the Two of Us" weekend getaway.

I can't wait.

In the meanwhile, my nesting instinct has kicked in.
In quite the Hyper Active Fashion.
Today I cleaned out the entire garage.
You would need to know my Mister's garage
before you can understand the
immense magnitude
of that statement.
The Mister is forbidden to look in the garbage can
(That's right, Mr. C: forbidden!)

Tomorrow I am thinking about renting
a Roto-Tiller for my new garden beds.

Just kidding.


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Recital Videos

Here it is. . .
by popular demand
(okay, by the demand of two comments)
. . .our Twinkle Duet Debut!

Our camcorder is uncooperative as of late, so I had to videotape the recitals on my little Palm Centro. Which meant that I had to find the Installation CD and figure out how to use the darn thing to it's fullest capabilities (I've only had it for 5 months), but that is besides the point. The video is not bad, but the sound leaves something to be desired. Which is funny, considering that I was videoing music recitals.

The first video is of last night's violin recital. Honestly, our violins sound like true violins and not the techno-scratchy-wonky sound that plays on the video. But, even though the sound is wonky, you can still hear what we played.

I do have to add one cute story from Atticus' recital. When he first went up on stage, he squared his feet, set up his violin and began to play away. Completely forgetting that his teacher was to accompany him on the piano. Lauren (his teacher) and I began to say, "Atticus. . Atticus" and he was a good 2 lines into his piece before he heard us.

As my mom pointed out, most children would have been mortified. Not our Atticus. His face lit up with a smile. "Atticus, you have to wait for me to start playing the piano first," Lauren gently reminded. "Oh! Okay!" he said, nodding. He happily reset his bow, waited for his cue and began again.

That's our boy. A happy-go-lucky who takes it as it comes. I am so proud of him.

This video is Hatfield's piano recital from this year. Her first piece was played as a duet with her teacher. The second piece sounds "off" at first, due to the video audio, but I assure you that it wasn't off at all. The piece is entitled Japanese Temple, so the effect was a haunting, Eastern feel.

I am so proud of my two children and their accomplishments. I admire at how calm, cool and collected they were prior to each recital. I, on the other hand, did not feel so calm and cool before my turn on the violin stage. But I did it! And I'm glad it's over.

So 2 recitals down, 1 to go. Next weekend, I get to sit back, relax and watch the Mister's debut in the Dad's Dance. That is video I will certainly post.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Time to Get My Twinkle On

Well, tonight is the
Grand Violin Recital.
a whole bunch of adorable little children,
including Atticus,
and . . .

Atticus is playing "May Song."
Then he is "dumbing down" to play a "Twinkle" duet
with his old lady,
because I rock that much.

I am totally nervous.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Throughout the year, I am very careful not to over-schedule my children. School, Family Time and Play Time are our 3 Schedule Staples, but I add in a mix of music lessons, one sport per season and church activities as well.

Music lessons are a "Non-Negotiable" activity in our home, although we do let the child choose between violin or piano. Music is a passion and skill wihch spans a lifetime, long outlasting a football player's moment of glory. It develops parts of the brain that otherwise go undeveloped. Did you know brain scans show the activity in which a human child uses the greatest percentage of their brain is playing the violin? Ask Atticus--he will gladly show you his color copies of these scans illustrating such a fact. Plus, there is such a dignity and decorum in learning music--it teaches children to act civilized, if but only for the lesson. The lessons aren't cheap and we both gulp a bit when we realize what it will cost us to put 5 kids in music lessons, but the Mister and I would gladly work a part-time late night job if necessary, because we so believe in the value of music lessons.

This year the kids chose Dance as their sport for their year. I love that they chose Dance because that too is a skill which can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime. I am still TOTALLY dismayed and saddened by all the idiots out there who will not let their sons take dance out of fear they might become gay. Good Grief. What makes me even sadder is the complete lack of tact these people have in stating their opinions to me.

That being said, however, it makes it for easier for me to "consider the source" and completely write off their moronic opinion.

Yet, try as I might to keep our schedules balanced, all of these activities culminate in a jam-packed, recital-ridden period of time in May, which I equate to the likes of a fraternity's Hell Week. In addition to finishing up these activities, the new ones overlap for these two weeks, so we need to add soccer practices into the mix.

I am not a Mom who thrives on busy-ness and chasing. I love to be home, where I can nurture my family and home. And when Spring arrives like it has, with sunshine, fresh dirt and seedlings calling my name, it just about kills me to have to run about the city like a chicken with her head cut off.

And to add to all of that, we continue to get snippets of good news out of Haiti. We may just yet get those boys home this summer! We are slowly adjusting to the idea that we really may need to start preparing here. So we are digging out the Kreyol books, dusting off the language cd's, and talking to the kids about what to expect when the boys come home.

The boy's room, however, leaves many things to be desired. Like thorough cleaning and top to bottom re-organization. I don't know how one little 6-year old boy and a tadpole can so thoroughly trash a room.

I need to take a lesson from my dear Mrs. Becky B., who is expecting their beautiful baby boy at the end of summer. A woman with a mission, she is a Room-Painting, Furniture-Moving, Bed/Crib-Relocating Machine. Once she is done with it all and has a chance to put her feet up for a rest, I'm going to enlist her help here in my home. Of course, I'm not going to make a pregnant woman move furniture about in my own home. But I will let her put her feet up, plop a huge bowl of fresh strawberries at her side, and let her dictate to me exactly what she would do if the boys' room were hers. Praise God for friends with Room Decorating/Organizing Vision like Becky!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Little breakthroughs

The past two weeks have brought us several small tidbits of hopeful news,
and we finally are beginning
to see a little bit of light breaking through
at the end
of this Haitian Adoption Tunnel.

Little bit
being the key phrase.
But when you go month
after month
after month of
bad news
in a pitch black tunnel,
a little bit of light
is well worth celebrating!

Monday, May 04, 2009


Time for some shameless Mother Bragging.

Miss Paloma's nickname is "Po."
Like Edgar Allen.
Or the Teletubby.
You choose.

This nickname was bestowed upon our girl by our very own Boppa.

Today, Miss Po painted her very own name.

Actually, she wrote "I Po,"
which qualifies as a complete sentence.


Paloma is the 5FC Hybrid Model
Paloma is the perfect blend
of the Mr. and Mrs.

One of us gave Po her lovely ethnic beauty.
The other of us gave her genes straight out of the genius pool.
We'll let you decide for yourself
which one of us gave her the beauty
which one of us gave her the brains.