Monday, April 06, 2009

Refreshed, Re-energized, and Ready

I'm back. Home sweet home after a wonderful weekend away.

I had a great time in Chicago. Thank you, Anne Marie! We had a fabulous time hanging out the entire weekend, both at her beautiful apartment and about town. We ate at wonderful restaurants, shopped at wonderful stores and went condo hunting with the funniest and nicest realtor in the state of Illinois. It was awesome!

The Mister and the Rugrats had a blast. I don't think they ate anything healthy the entire weekend, but whatever, right? The kids all had happy grins on their faces when I came home and the house was intact.

The only thing that did not survive the weekend was my beautiful handmade sheep figurine, who feel victim to a un-kenneled Trixiebelle while the fam was at Church. I knew something was wrong when Cliff called and said, "How would you take it if you found out that the puppy watched Silence of the Lambs one too many times and went all Hannibal Lector on your sheep?"

To which I responded: "I'd probably have to spend more of your money to help dull the pain of this tragic loss."

And you know what? My coping strategy worked!

I feel refreshed and re-energized.I no longer feel overwhelmed. I feel ready to take whatever comes our way this week.

Never understimate the power of a weekend Girl's Getaway.

Thank you, Mister and Anne Marie! You two are the best.


Sawatzky Kids said...

I agreee with the power of a weekend away. I am so glad it hit the spot. Glad to have you back to blogging too lol.
Shelly and gang

Melanie said...

Welcome home! Cliff and the kids were all happy and healthy Sunday a.m. at Church and comment - with much enthusiasm - that the weekend was going well! I think he surprised himself ;-)

I have a sweet little gift of spring bling for you...however if you can hold off a few days - - I ordered a pink one too! If you'd prefer your 'signature color'.

Talk to you soon!