Monday, April 06, 2009

Of Course Not!

So, our orphanage director, along with her attorney, along with the letter, along with the supporting documents, went to the USCIS building for their scheduled appointment this morning.

Did the meeting happen?

Of course not!

The USCIS director was out sick today.

Of course!

We wait 56 days for today,
only to have it fall through on the other end.

The good news is, all the paperwork was deposited.

We made the deadline.

The only bad thing about it is there no instant feedback. And if there were any questions for the attorney, he is no longer in Port au Prince.

Neither of those things mean the end of the world, however. The other good news is the USCIS will review it upon her return, and she works well with our agency, so we should hopefully hear from her, health willing, before the holiday.

You have to admit,
the entire situation is comical.

We are the poster children
for Murphy's Law
at play in international adoption.

And that SOB Murphy has one sick sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

We should name one of the boys Murphy and the other one Law.

That would have matched up well if Atticus had been named McCoy (to go with Hatfield).

-Mr. Amazed at Your Strength and Patience

Luke said...

I think International Adoption demonstrates Murphy's Law is still in play all around the world very well.

We're coming up on a year of having our referral and still no movement in Kyrgyzstan.


We don't really have an option, now do we?

Hang in there, and may everything quickly fall into place.


Amy said...

Y'all are the poster children? Cause we thought we were. 43 months and counting. I just posted about it on my blog the other day.

Amy said...

P.S. Hang in there. Glad your sense of humor is back even if it's a little off center.