Thursday, April 30, 2009

May 1st

Did you know that the US Embassy in Port au Prince takes May 1st off for "Labor Day?"

It's true.

Lest anyone call us "Unpatriotic,"
we are going to hang up our

and high-tail it
outta here for some Labor Day fun.

After all, it is our patriotic duty.

May 1st means that it is time to Re-Open

Camp 5FC for the 2009 season.

Say what you will,
but I heart doll house livin'!

While it will be too cold to do this

it will be a perfect time for some of this.

Happy May 1st Labor Day, Everyone!
Whoop it up and Celebrate Big!
After all, it's your Patriotic Duty!


Me said...

Oh this is priceless! Of course, it's Labor Day. I wish I had as many days off as the Embassy does. Enjoy your labor day in the doll house-sounds like fun!

Ryane said...


You can blame today's holiday on us Catholics~ it's the feast day of St. Joseph the Worker which Haiti celebrates as Labor Day.

I've been following your blog for a long time now. We were originally going to adopt from Haiti, but didn't qualify with the new laws. We are now adopting from Ethiopia.

Praying that you'll get some good news soon.


bbbunch said...

Have fun :) We ( and my strongly coerced husband) are going to start painting the kids rooms this weekend. Hopefully. !!! By the way - Mikah had a great time last night! Thanks again for the invite!

Love ya!