Monday, April 27, 2009

I nearly missed it

Last night, I was determined to go back to my old ways of 'early to bed, early to rise.' A long-time early bird, sometime over the winter I fell into the habit of waking up at 7ish. Mostly because Paloma was sleeping that late, and I felt I deserved it after her first 14 months of life when she would wake up in the 4 am hour. After those 14 months of seeing 4:10 on the clock each and every day, a 5:15 alarm wake up never seemed early to me

This morning I awoke at 6, easing back into this early morning habit. I could hear the wind outside before even hoisting myself out of bed. Looking out the window, I saw grey, puddled streets and a whole lot of blowing trees and shrubs.

Looks cold, I thought. Running in wind bites.

So, I turned around to jump back into my cozy bed.

But then I saw my Mister.
Sitting up in bed, with a dopey, dreamy smile on his face.
"I'm so proud of you," he gushed.
"You are an amazing woman to be so dedicated."

All I could think was,
What a sh*thead.
Now I have to go out there.

But thank goodness for the Mister, because I was pleasantly surprised to find the temps at 58 degrees. The sun was peaking out as I hit the pavement. A balmy breeze cooled me perfectly. And at times, the clouds shimmered a pinkish hue. The birds sang and Joyce Meyers was on fire, pounding some truth and reassurances into my thick skull that I desperately needed to hear.

And I nearly missed it.
All of it.
Simply because I judged the world
from my window perch,

and not from my actual experience of it.

Which now has me wondering,
What else am I missing?


Sawatzky family said...

Great post Sarah! And I can totally realte! Good for you for getting out there. I also love what you thought and the Mr.'s words I can also relate to that! lmao
Shelly and gang

ManyBlessings said...

Love this! Boy did I need to hear it. :)

Anonymous said...
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bbbunch said...

Look at you! Great thoughts...I too was surprised by the temperature when I brought the kids to school...taking their jackets back from them while on the porch!


Luke said...

What a great reminder!

Glad you got to experience the joy of the morning.