Thursday, April 02, 2009

Holiday for Good Mental Health

Tomorrow morning begins my 3-day Mental Health Holiday.
God bless the Mister
for acting as my Travel Agent/Vacation Planner,
because I never would have arranged this for myself.

Mentally, emotionally, physically, I am fried.
I'm tired and unfocused and feel an alarming lack of motivation.

I've retreated from most of life this week,
as I am so spaced out and cranky
that I can barely stand myself.
If I can barely stand myself,
I certainly can't expect anyone else to.

My hopes for the long weekend away:
to mentally recharge myself,
to emotionally fortify myself and
to sleep enough to make up for the last month of poor sleep
(because it's probably unrealistic to make up for the last 10 1/2 years, right?)
3 whole days when I don't need
to plan a menu or cook a meal.
3 whole days when I can eat
vegetarian cuisine with no thought of what to serve others,
3 whole days when I may even be able
to read an entire magazine.
Plus, for 3 whole days,
I get to hang with one of my closest friends,
who moved away at the beginning of the year and
who I really miss (sniff.)

It's going to be awesome.

And just as I begin to get really homesick
for little voices and sticky kisses,
it will be time for me to leave and head back to
Home Sweet Home.
Because the Homecoming full of sticky kisses
and "Mommy! I missed you!"'s
is always the best part of a Mental Health Vacation.


small town girl said...

Have a great, great time. I hope you are also recharged. I know that spacey unfocused unmotivated thing. It really sucks. Part of Adoptive Mom Syndrome (AMS)

Tracy said...

HAve a wonderful time...I think it will be just what you need right now! Sounds like just what I need too! :)

Sawatzky Kids said...

I am sure this will be a restful, recharging time for you :)
Shelly and gang

Katy said...

Enjoy your deserve it!!

bbbunch said...

Sounds like heaven! Enjoy, you deserve it!!!!


Anonymous said...

The house won't burn
(Although the food might)
The kids will scream with fun
And, hopefully, not from fright

The dogs will be fed
We'll all make our beds
I'll take out the trash
Not spend too much cash

We may go crazy, just a touch,
But its because we miss you and
love you so much!

-Mr. and Family (3 of those frozen chmuras)

Anne Marie said...

It was a grand time. I really really had fun. Thanks so much for coming. You and the Chamorros are all welcome anytime. God Bless, AML