Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Have You (((Hugged))) a Tree Today?

Today is Earth Day.
I think it is pretty cool that we have a day for this.

Yet, it's a bit sad in the way that Mother's Day is kind of sad--why do we need a special day to remember our mom, when really it's something that should be done at least weekly, if not every day? The same goes for our good planet.

But in an effort to be positive, I'll say that it's a good start.

In honor of our Good Earth today,
I will not sit
and list
the things that are wrong with the Earth.
Or ALL the things that you should do to improve the Earth.

On Mother's Day,
would you list
the things wrong with your Mom?
Or ALL the things that should be done to improve your Mom?

I should think not!!!

I would like to a take a moment and reflect on the
majesty and
that God created in our dear planet.

Have you ever thought
--truly thought--
about the
Miracle of a Seed

To think that with a handful of seed,
earth and water,
you can feed yourself and your family.
That you need not a single convenience item.

That with a plot of land 10' x 60', $50-70 and some seeds,
you can grow over 300 pounds of food,
at a value of over $600?

How majestic is that?
God gave us EVERYTHING we need for our physical survival
in water and mere seeds and earth.

The wonder of that perfection brings tears to my eyes.

So today, enjoy the wonder!
Share the wonder with your children.
Teach them the wonder so that they may share it with generations to come.

And if you're not too embarrassed,
smell the dirt of the earth,
plant a seed or two,
maybe even sneakin a little tree ((hug))

It will do you good.


Sawatzky family said...

Wonderfully said Sarah!
You my dear are my voice of reason I love what you said about the stools! I am actually going to look at a few more this weekend! I will keep ya posted lol!
Luv ya!

Jenn said...

Happy Earth Day, my friend! Hope it's a good one for you and your family.

bbbunch said...

Happy Earth day!!! I too get tears in my eyes thinking about everything that God equipped us with (and I thought it was just the hormones! ;)


Anonymous said...

God also gave us sticks and stones to make bows, arrows, and other tools to hunt down the meat he provided! :)

With love and respect (and a sick sense of humor),
-Mr. Carnivore

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness, I do want to thank you for your willingness to set up, maintain, and harvest the gardens we have. There are definite benefits and a much more...vibrant? Would that be appropriate?- much more vibrant taste in the food you've raised. The garden is appreciated.

Exception- corn. Dedicated readers may recall the corn and squirrel drama we had last year. This year, with our kids having slingshots (water ballon slingshots, of course, we'd never encourage them to use deadly force on cute animals we can't eat!) I am sure the bushy tailed varmints will be kept at bay and we will be able to enjoy a larger yield of the (wholesome now) devil's crop.