Friday, April 17, 2009

Dirt Under My Fingernails

Today's forecast: 70 degrees and sunny. Yesterday was nearly the same.

We've been living outdoors in the backyard. Jimmy came over on Wednesday, and she and Hatfield re-seeded some very worn out areas of the backyard. I hauled 9 wheelbarrows of compost and mixed it into one vegetable garden bed.

Our bodies are sore as all get-out, there's dirt under our nails, but we are blissed-out.

Rhubarb, oregano, chives and strawberries are greening up nicely. Yesterday some spinach went into the garden. Today some another variety of spinach, plus mezclun and two varieties of beets will be added.

I'll put up pictures later. For now, we are off to the neighborhood garden center.

Happy Spring!

1 comment:

Sawatzky family said...

OOOOHHH!!!! I can hardly wait for our temps to gettht high! :)
That does sound like a wonderful way to spend the day.
Shelly and gang