Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chain Reaction

Tonight we had the first BBQ of the season with our dear, dear friends the Beau & Becky B. Bunch. We love these guys.

Here is a glimpse at our end-of-evening activities:

Paloma (age 3.5), Bella (6) and Hatfield (10) are in Hattie's room playing Barbie's. The Mommies plus baby Lilly are in the family room eating the awesome Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Brownies that Becky made. The Daddies are drinking Seven-6.5's because my Mister buys lower shelf pseudo-Seagrams.

Bella races downstairs, "Mrs. Cruz! Paloma just totally diarrhea'd in her clothes!"

I race upstairs to find Miss Paloma in the bathroom, in the said state as described by Miss Bella.

As I'm running the bath, Hattie comes racing upstairs into the bathroom.

"Mom! Bella's throwing up in the downstairs bathroom."

"Oh no! Is she sick?"

"No, the smell of Paloma's diarrhea made her throw up!"

I then race downstairs to find poor Bella looking mortified, Mr. B trying to soothe a sweet yet tired Lilly, the Mister doing clean-up, and Miss (Pregnant) Becky outside looking a shade green.

"Are you okay?" I ask Becky upon her return inside.

"Yes, it's just that I caught the first round of throw up in my hands, and then the smell of the throw-up made me nearly vomit."

So the thought of poor Bella's throw up being caught in poor Becky's hands made me nearly throw up.

See why I called this post Chain Reaction?

But all's well that ends well, as everything always is with the best of friends like the Beau and Becky Bunch.

Bella left feeling quite happy to be wearing Hattie's Pom and Dance t-shirt.

Pona got to show off cute jammies.

The boys, Micah and Atticus,
who wisely managed to stay completely away from the Bodily Fluid Jamboree,
made plans for their next Nerf Gun War.

And Miss Baby Lilly was the cutest thing you ever seen,
all wrapped up in a pink fleece Eeyore blanket.

We love you guys. We hope you are feeling better, Bella dear!

And Becky, I hope you didn't throw up
when having to take Bella's soiled clothing out of the Target bag.
Because I nearly threw up after loading all of Paloma's soiled clothing
into the washer.

A chain reaction, indeed!


Salzwedel Family said...

That is the perfect title! Sounds like a memorable evening for sure.

Anonymous said...

It was almost something like the "Cheaper By The Dozen" remake or the vomit scene from Stand By Me. Even Linda Blair would have been surprised by the chain reaction!

Truly, a boy knows he's become a man when the sight/smell of vomit has no effect. Maybe he'll be strong enough to become a mom when he can catch vomit midair, something I still don't think I could do if I try!

Mr. Ninja

bbbunch said...

You guys are the best! That will by far go down in history as one of the MOST disgusting and hilarious evenings of our lives (as parents anyway...we won't talk about college days!) Thanks again Cliff for your stomach 'o steel and BOTH of you for your humor! As Beau said..."well...hate to puke and run...!" You guys are the BEST!!! Hope Pona is able to eat all the chocolate she can today :)

Thanks again! Love you guys!
The Bunch

geralyn said...

Hugely funny stuff. So glad it wasn't my house. :o)

Jenn said...

Sadly I found this strangely funny!