Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, I listed something for the first time ever on Craig's List. I had been procrastinating doing so for several months now, but yesterday I got my act together and spent a whole ten minutes to do so.

And today, I made my first sale!

I sold this wall art:

for $40!!! The item originally cost $80 at Kirkland's, but I'm pretty sure I bought it for $35 or so during a clearance sale. It's a very pretty piece, but I'm trying to get rid of the 'department store' feel in my living room. It's just not me.

Not bad for ten minutes of work!


Me said...

Very cool. I have two boxes of stuff I've been meaning to list on Craigslist but since I've never done it before I didn't know how difficult it would be so I've been procrastinating. You have motivated me!

This Mama said...


I have to clear out a bunch of our stuff for our move. Hopefully I have some good luck like you did. I think stuff sells for waaay more than a garage sale, no?

Take care

small town girl said...


I have to do this too. I literally have a kitchen sink (remember when I remodeled my kitchen) and a pink razor phone that I bought on E-bay that would not work for me.

Thanks for posting this!