Sunday, March 08, 2009

Shine On

You light up my life
You give me hope
To carry on
You light up my days (and my family room)
and fill my nights with song

Rollin' at sea, adrift on the water
Could it be finally I'm turning for home?

Finally, a chance to say hey,I love You
Never again to be all alone (in the dark bathroom)

You light up my life
You give me hope
To carry on
You light up my days (and China Hutch)
and fill my nights with song

It can't be wrong (just switch off the darn circuit breaker!)
When it feels so right (to check things off that Honey-Do List)

'Cause You, Mister,
You light up my life
(in addition to the last lone family room light,
the new bathroom fixture to replace the 1975 relic, and
my lovely china hutch, which has sat dim since we moved here in 2006)


Anonymous said...

My Dearest Wife:
That was just about the cutest darn post you ever made. I love the choice of song.....

I'm going to find my baby
Going to hold her tight
Going to grab myself some afternoon delight,
My motto's always been when the time is right
Why wait for middle of a cold dark night?



Anonymous said...

You two are the cutest couple with adorable children making a wonderful wacky family. My children think I am crazy so we would have a great time if you came to visit. Please know you have a standing invitation here in Texas anytime...when it's cold there...when you just want to get away...when you want to see the sage in bloom and the stars at night - big and bright.

Most of your posts brighten my day; the others remind me to remember you in prayer. You two do light up my life.

Your adopted blog mom