Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Norwex?

First of all, WHAT is Norwex?

Norwex Enviro Products is a company committed to radically reducing the use of chemicals in cleaning and personal care. The reduction promotes health and reduces the risks of poisoning and disease.

Norwex stands for Norwegian Experience. Norwex "clean without chemicals" began in Norway in 1994, soon after microfiber was first manufactured in Sweden. It was manufactured for the purpose of cleaning scientific and medical laboratories without introducing chemicals into the laboratory environment. The scientists realized that all chemicals leave behind a residue, which can compromise the integrity of scientific research, so they wanted to create a system which cleans 100% effectively with only water. Hence the creation of microfiber. In 1999, Norwex expanded to Canada, and it is sold through the home party network (think Pampered Chef, Lia Sophia, etc.).

Norwex is the word leader in Microfiber technology. Microfiber is the the perfect blend of polyester and polyamide, 1/100th the size of a strand of human hair. Our Antibacterial Microfiber combines the microfiber with an antibacterial silver-based agent, so that antibacterial silver is embedded in the cloth. The silver destroys the bacteria which is picked up in the fibers of the cloth, so the cloth is continually sanitzing and refreshing itself.

Microfiber works well because it traps in dirt, grime, dust and bacteria. Where as other cleaning cloths just smear the dirt, bacteria and cleaning chemcials around on the surface you are trying to clean (ewww), microfiber cloths physically remove the bacteria, leaving you with a chemical-free, clean, highly-polished surface.

For more information, please go here.

Why I, as a Consumer, Love Using Norwex Products:

1) They all clean REALLY well. 99.94% surface bacteria are removed.
2) I use only pure water to clean with the microfiber cloths. No more hauling around, or mixing, chemicals.
3) My kids can all use it safely. I don't worry about exposing them to any chemicals. I give them all a spray bottle of water and a cloth, and let them go to town. Plus, they think it's FUN.
4) The cloths dust beautifully, trapping all the dust, not smearing it all about or kicking it up into the air.
5) The window/mirror/glass cloths are voodoo. I still can't figure out how they work so well.
6) I shaved a good 75% off the time I spend cleaning (I'm actually caught up now.)
7) I save money by reducing the use of chemcials and cleaning supplies by up to 90%. The average home spends between $450-600 a year on cleaning items.
8) I drastically reduce the amount of waste I'm adding to the landfills each year. No more paper towels, Clorox wipes, sponges (ewww), huge jugs of Tide, etc.

Later, I will post on my experiences starting and running my own business. The posts may seem a bit piecemeal at first, but on my "new and improved" blog, I will have Norwex info on my sidebars with links to these posts.

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