Friday, March 13, 2009

Why I Love Being in My 30's

I find myself greatly annoyed every time I am subjected to a young woman's melodramatic woe-is-me/it's-the-end-of-the-world hysterics as she approaches the big 3-0. At first, I just roll my eyes and let it be. As she continues to escalate the drama as her birthday draws nearer, I find myself biting my tongue.

Hard. Enough to draw blood.

Puhleeze, sisters. Spare not only me, but the rest of our sister-kind. Let's approach this date with dignity, shall we?

I LOVE being in my thirties. I was more than happy to leap right out of those twenties.

I credit my mother with my attitude. She always said, "When you're 30, you really come into your own. You're settled, established in life and identity. It's a relief."

And she's damn right, in my humble opinion.

I spent the vast part of my twenties being S-T-U-P-I-D. People also treated me and every other twenty-something as such, and although I was quite indignant towards them, for the most part, those people were right.

I mean, I wasn't ALL stupid. I made some damn smart and good decisions. Like having/keeping Hatfield. Ditching a philandering fiance. Eloping with the Mister after only meeting him, in person, 3 times. Many people banked on the fact that the last was a stupid decision, but 9 years later, who's laughing now?

I love being in my thirties because I finally no longer care what other people think. I feel settled in my life. I have a home, kids, a Mister. I don't stress about my identity.

Even when trying on swimsuits, I spent a moment horrified at the mirror's reflection, because I did not recognize the thighs I was seeing.

Or more specifically, the lumpy lumps on the thighs I was seeing.

But I'm in my thirties. So I shrugged and thought, Who cares?

In my thirties, I feel much sexier than I did in my twenties. Sex in your thirties is way better as well, because you have more confidence. I think a lot of women spend much of their twenties thinking that trying to be sophisticated and attractive and alluring to men make you s*xy.

And you know what? It really doesn't. Being real does. Being authentic does.

What's the saying? Beauty fades, dumb is forever? Well, I'd like to add that having an ass you can bounce a quarter off of only lasts for 9.3% of your life. So you best be having some other finer qualities once you hit the 9.4%

One thing that I really like about my 30s is that I am really starting to get that THIS IS MY ONE SHOT. And DAYS GO BY QUICKLY.

TODAY is a very good time to start something you have always wanted to.

I'm also starting to get that:
It is Okay to Fail.
It is Okay to Try Again.
And Again.
And Again.
Better to try and fail
than sit on your keister and
lament in your 50's that you wasted your 30s.

In my thirties I have no developed the confidence to Step Outside the Box. Leap Out of My Comfort Zone. And Not Care if I Stumble.

And I have.

In my thirties, I had the confidence to start an adoption.
Without caring that other people think having 5 kids is insane.
I changed my circle of influence, because I could.
And now I think a family with 5 kids is kinda dinky in size!

In my thirties, I took control of my children's education.
I deemed what was unacceptable as truly that: unacceptable.
And I did something about it.
I ignored the naysayers.
And I (and my family) are reaping the rewards.

In my thirties, I did not run away from a situation that I would have in my twenties.
I stuck through a horrible ordeal.
I learned to forgive and ask for forgiveness.
And I learned that when you are willing to roll up your sleeves,
and do what's right,
even if it is tough and dirty,
things will become better
than you could have ever imagined
in your twenties.

In my thirties, I took up running.
I'm training for a half marathon.
13.1 miles is more than I ran in all my twenties combined!

In my thirties, I am taking up Crossfit.
I have the Mister to thank for the encouragement.
I have myself to thank because I really don't care if I look like a big knob in front of him.
He will still find me s*xy.
And he will always love me, no matter what.

Since the first of the year, this year I turned 34, I started my own business.
Never really thought I'd do that.
Actually, two businesses.
Never ever thought I'd do that.

But I'll post on that later.

So come on, girls.
ENJOY this decade.
Leave the Young and the Dumb Club
(as my mother so lovingly puts it)
far behind you.

The best is yet to come.


Anonymous said...

Everything you say is e-
Xactly correct.
You are...

Oh, its hard to find the words that
Accurately say what I think. Its
Not impossible, though...

You are a sexy woman and you become more so every day. I love you

small town girl said...

Yay! I love it! You are exactly right, and it gets better (if you do it right). All life's trials, when tempered by Faith & Love make us better people in the long fine wine, or aged whiskey, (or maybe cheese???)... something like that.

I don't believe we are meant to be cookie-cutters of each other, what would be the purpose of that? We are all created to bring our individual gifts. I feel sad that 'pop culture' tries to make people feel less than for that. Or feel less than for getting older. It's sick.

I think that it is awesome you are homeschooling your children. They will grow up like you.

This Mama said...

awesome post Sarah - hey this year is my 34th as well :) !!

Anne Marie said...

Just had to say "YES". Totally agree. Think your doing us "30" women proud. Oh, yes, and I had to say if you recall your most conservative friend your decision to marry the Mister...some times you just know :-)
Miss you, girl. I will be home in April.