Thursday, March 05, 2009

Today's the Day

Today's the day of the big Pow Wow with USCIS, our creche director and her attorney, regarding our files. If you have a moment and can say a prayer, cross a finger or send a positive thought in our direction, we would be so grateful.

It's 7 am and I'm still in my pj's, drinking coffee and trying to recover from yesterday's trip to the vet with two cats and three kids. The cats are not fond of the vet, as evidenced by one of the cats jumping up and climbing to the very tippy top of the room's wall unit, necessitating the vet assistant's retrieval of a ladder. But the cat would just run to the other end of that wall shelf unit, so the assistant would need to climb down and drag it to the other side. And then the cat would run back to the other end. And so on and so forth.

All the while, one of the children behaved in such a manner befitting a zoo animal, and I was tempted to ask for an animal tranquilizer of sorts, either for myself or that child.

It was a grand time.
For over a $100.

I'm pretty sure they snuck in
some sort of "Client From Hell" surcharge in there.

My mom wants for all of us to go to the museum today, and after yesterday's vet disaster, I find myself questioning the wisdom of that.

But yet, I know we'll go, against my Mama's instinct.

And I know that tomorrow I'll be posting a diabtribe on Why You Should Always Listen To Your Mama's Instinct Because You Will Pay for it in Spades if You Do Not.

So stay tuned. . .


Leslie said...

I remembered it was today, and I am praying for you. Hang in there, Mama.

Sawatzky Kids said...

We will be in prayer for you today! Keep us posted if you can :)
Shelly and gang

mama bear said...

Praying that you hear some positive news! Please keep us updated!

mama bear said...

Praying that you hear some positive news! Please keep us updated!

Jenn said...

Will you find out today how the meeting went? I am sending all positive thoughts your way...let's get these boys home!