Friday, March 06, 2009

To be continued. . .

The meeting did not take place.

We are waiting for translation of legal documents. Having worked in law offices here in the States, I know how slowly it all works. Now imagine that in Haiti.

The documents are in French legal-ease, and we need to have it translated into English legal-ease. And we prefer that nothing important gets lost in translation.

I'm not frustrated with this yet. It is imperative that the documents handed in be perfect. There is no room for error. After hearing all that went into the preparation of these documents, I feel assured that this matter is being taken very seriously.

And really, I'd rather wait an extra week or two and have it be done right the first time. Rushing things in Haiti seems to ensure mistakes which then ensures a very extended wait, much longer than the time needed to do it right the first time 'round.

So I'm afraid that's all I can report for now. And I'm afraid all I can end this with is the all-too-familiar catch phrase of Haitian Adoption:

To Be Continued. . . .

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Luke said...

We recently heard that it will be at least another month before anything happens at all with our adoption process. And we've been matched with our kids for a long while now.

Adoption is just a long road. Hang in there!